Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm soooo hot!

Yes, I used it in the overused way. Get over it. What I like about this fire is that it surrounds you, but doesn't cover you. Its nice!

Ridiculous luck.

Oh my word, this is late.

And by late I mean almost 12 hours overdue. But I have an excuse.

See, last night I raided ICC 10 for the first time on my lock (alt(another guild)) and got farther than I ever have on my paladin (main(ToC)). Then some friends were starting Black Temple. They had enough people- 13, 14 of em, but they didn't have anyone who was tank spec'd except for a 73 Warrior (friend of mine). He couldn't hold threat on them, so they called me in.

Anyways, we go through without having much trouble. When we get to the council, we wipe once because we tried to roflstomp their faces, and that fight actually needs coordination (to a small degree). The Warrior tier dropped and my friend snagged the pants.

We then proceeded to Illidan, as people are wont to do when they get to him.

We roflstomped Illidan, with me posing as both MT and OT. In this fight, my friend died (he tried to OT).

Anyways, when the boss fell over, I checked his pockets: Warglaive of Azzinoth.

My friend didn't believe me at all, I was telling him repeatedly that it had dropped. Yeah, sure... I believe you....

He got up, checked the boss and when it was called for rolls, he rolled against another guilldie (a 70 Warrior). She got a 35. My friend rolled 100. Then on more Warrior Tier that dropped he proceeded to roll a 1.

The odds of rolling a 100 on a Warglaive? 1 to 2500 against. And then rolling a 1 on the other item you want? 1 to 250,000 against.

That there folks, is one of the reasons I play WoW. For moments where you say. Oh. Holy S***.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Maelstrom Draws Near

That would be an interesting expansion, but Cata's got the maelstrom covered. The emerald dream would be... wait, nevermind, Cata's got that too. Maybe some more about the tita- Cata's got that too? How about um... what does Cata not have? The Burning Legion, The Lich King? Thanks guys...

Death by Mage

More death. More destruction!

Fire: Step one, there is a little fire on you. You shrug it off because it disappeared. Then a larger fire hits you and stays for a while. Than a freaking massive fire hits you and stays for a while, igniting several more fires. Then more fire turns you into a freaking living bomb.

Then your next-of-kin change your will to say that you wanted to be cremated. You also wanted your house burnt down.

Frost: Well first you get hit with a chest full of ice, and you stagger around a little... dazed. Then you get frozen in place, blizzard-ed upon, have lances of ice thrown bodily through you and you are eventually frozen in a block of ice. You die of hypothermia.

Arcane: Now this is where its at. First you get hit by a blast of MAHJIKUL energies. Then you get hit with that several more times. Then you get hit by a stream of missiles, not even seconds apart, in waves of five. Yeah, guns don't kill people. Magic Missile Kills people. 25 Free Magic Missiles in 2.5 seconds is even worse. You die of loss of health.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Note From the Management.

News flash: I sometimes don't post the day it is due.

I used to be able to open the 'new post' tab before midnight, fill it out after my raid and be happy deceiving you all.

However, they changed it. So you get to see the real time of post, unless I want to go back and forge the time-stamp for my late posts.

If these needed to be in on a precise time-table, well, I'd manage that.

So, as of this message (and a couple weeks back) you won't be getting two posts every day. You'll be getting two between every instance of 'sleeping for the night'. So it will be the same number, but I'm not going to be restricted by times anymore.


I feel sick... blaaargh....
-Dwarf in BRM, after drinking too much lava.

More Wiping

So, this week my guild extended our raid lockouts so that we could 'delve deeper into ICC'.

It didn't go so well. Our first night we wiped on Precious, then wiped on Rotface several times.
Following that, we lost three people to power outages.

We switched sides, got some new blood and took down the Valk mini-boss- so we got saved.
Proceeding from there we wiped on Valithria several times as well.

Our second night, today, we managed to kill precious, wiped on Rotface four or five times, and then went over to save our dragon.

We wiped there six or more times.

This was a lot of wiping.

The moral of the story is that we had fun. On Valithria, when you start the encounters, she calls out something along the lines of: "Heroes, lend me your aid! I... I cannot hold them off much longer! You must heal my wounds!"

We laughed at her, we had visited her five times already so this is our revised message: "Failures, wipe on this fight again! I... I cannot contain my laughter much longer! You must bash your heads against a wall for an hour!"

Yeah, we had fun. Then we came up with methods to allow the guardians to let us through and just walk her out.

We were TSA, Homeland Security, Health Inspectors, Cops (with a warrant for her arrest) and Messangers from the LK.

Dree Dargons!

So, I saw these two fella's on there drakes and decided to hop on mine. Purty.

Also, lets see how this format works out.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Battle Tank5252525252525252525252525252525252525252

The Ahn'Qiraj mounts have one of the coolest models in the game. However, it is only rideable in the AQ-40 instance- at least the red, green, yellow and blue ones. Those drop in the instance, the first one being very rare and the next three fairly common. The black one, however, can be ridden anywhere mounts are allowed. Of course, you had to have finished the AQ quest chain within an hour of the first person on the server. Good luck with that these days. 55555555555555555555555`90909090909090909090909090909090909090909090909090909090909090909090909090909090909090909090- Bunny (the Kitten on my keyboard)

Death by Hunter

Another installment of death.  Hunters are pretty simple. It should be fun.

Beast Mastery: So, you're walking along and all of a sudden a rhino, raptor, or perhaps some other freaking weird beast thing will attack you. Its clawing biting, smashing, whatever it does. And then it gets giant and red. And then your clothes turn red, with blood. All along, you are being peppered with shots from the hunter, painful, but not as bad as it could be.

Survival: A corpse that you were about to loot leaps up, hits you with his two axes, clips you so you cant chase him and jumps back thirty feet and opens up with a barrage of shots. Even though you managed to close to him, he just won't die. Along side him, his pet is keeping you dazed constantly.

Marksman: Walking along a sunny path, you suddenly feel a bullet enter your head, followed by four more in rapid succession. A few seconds later this repeats. A wolf charges at you and bites your guys. The sniper hits each of your vital organs in order and you die, quickly and (relatively) painlessly.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Patched City

Just an idea that I had, kinda similar to the unbeatable instance. In that scenario, the instance would just be retuned so that it could not be beaten by current gear levels.

However part of Blizzards plan for both Wrath and Cataclysm have sparked a new idea in me. See, when Wrath was announced they planned on having Azjol Nerub be an entire underground zone. In Cata, there will be zones (Deep Holme(I think)) that will be nearly entirely enemy occupied. This is a long one, so I put in a nice break for you. Clicky-clicky!

The Legion Awaits

It waits to be wakened. It waits to be called. It waits to be roflstomped down in about three seconds by a group of ridiculously over-geared toons.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Negative Stats

My druid, Erthu, is a bear tank and currently has equipped Shriveled Heart as his neck piece. The ZF only special green neckalce that gives -5 str, spirit and +13 stam. The stam is what makes it for him. (Not talking about the Shriveled Heart from H-HoR)*.

Anyways, I was thinking that negative stats would be interesting. Perhaps make some plate tanking gear with negative int and armor pen but with more than standard amounts of dodge, stam or str. The int would effect paladins and the arp would hurt warriors and DKs.

I'm not sure how else it could be fairly balanced or if at all it is a good idea, but I liked the concept and think more should be done with it.

*Also- if you know of any other two items that have the same exact name, but different stats, lemme know. I'm interested.


This picture makes none. It was also taken by my kitten while I was trying to tank H-DTK. I had to put her to the side repeatedly. Silly Kitty.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Toon

This is Arugal. He is a level four Nelf Warrior on Nazgrel. He was my second toon I ever made. I haven't logged on him in at least a year. One of my friends (whose name I no longer know) had convinced me to get WoW and roll a toon on his server- Nazgrel-A. So I did. I even gathered up the ridiculously expensive price (30c) to mail to his main, Palanar. Never heard from him again.

And this here is Crugar- Eitrigg-A. He was my first toon I ever made. My friend (mentioned above) told me to make my character on the Server Nazgrel. But at the time I was a noob and the game told me to pick a realm. I thought that that was different from a server. Yeah, I was a noob. So I made a Nelf Druid. As of now he is level 26 and I hadn't logged on on him since patch 3.1.

I had some friends on Eitrigg that I made through playing, but at the end of August, they all disappeared. One had been on a trial and two went on vacation. I tried solo play-totally disconnected from the world and it felt weird. So I rolled some more toons- Alliance and Horde on Eitrigg- but never got into them (I think the next highest was a level 7 Orc Hunter).

Anyways, I then managed to find Ursin, home of the Sluggy Freelance guild, and rolled a toon there:
And the rest is over 41 days /played on this toon. 27 /played at level eighty. 79 /played over all toons. Gawd.

My first dragon!

Today is a day of firsts. Anyways, I took this shot a couple weeks ago, reminiscing about the old-world on my way to BRM to kill old stuff. I was way ahead of everyone else so I spent time taking pictures. Anyanyways, this is a clone of the first (real) dragon I ever killed. Whelps don't count.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Deathwing Kills Snape!

So I was talking with a friend about the Cataclysm spoilers and at one point he shouts "Deathwing kills Snape."

It was hilarious.

I'm not sure what this has to do with anything, but I have a question for all'y'all. Should I continue posting the images daily, or (once firm data is released) should I go around Azeroth and give you a couple zones each day that will be drastically changed in Cataclysm?

Also, do you feel insulted when you get a short post?


Malygos is sometimes still an annoying fight, as the last phase requires you to master a new skill set (special dragon mounts) for the phase. It isn't good.

Friday, May 21, 2010

And more cats!

Today, I got a kitten. Her name (given by the shelter) is Bunny. And she is vicious. She has attacked: my feet, hands, fingers, nose and knee. Additionally she has taken on a 45 lb dog, many toys and the walls of my house.

Anyways- on to the matter at hand, Vanity pets. I enjoy them and I enjoy the direction Blizzard is going with them. I have used ArkInventory to my collection them:

What I enjoy about many of the pet is the manner in which you get them. A huge number are for sale and since many are faction restricted you have to go to the Goblin Auctionhouse.

Anyways, then there are the rare drops, some of which I wish were a little less rare so that I could afford them.

But I really like the pets that interact and have cool idle animations. This means the slime (from Love is in the Air), the Pandaren Monk, Lil' KT and Lil' XT. I really like XT because he destroys that stupid train set (yes I own one too).

I don't like how many special/really cool pets they are putting on the Blizzard Store, I would prefer to have more in game, and some slightly more mundane pets in the store- of course, then they wouldn't sell. So who am I kidding?

Anyways, KITTEN!


I knew I had a image of a yawning cat and I spent about five minutes looking for it. Cat!

Death by Druid

Part deeux!

Balance: Well, your primarily get blasted about by arcane and natural energies- nothing too fancy, but there are a couple nasty bits in their collection. First off, they're Owlkin. They look so cuddly they don't even need a stealth mode. You think they're friendly until they shoot you with hundreds of bees in the face. Yeah, you get swarmed by insects, in a thunderstorm, while some trees claw at you. All the while your child-hood teddy bear is blasting you to death.

Feral: Not much to say here. First you get ripped to shreds. Then you get clawed, mangled, lacerated, bashed, swiped, mauled and more. Then you get charged, magled, torn and shredded. Again. And again. Until you bleed out.

Resto: If you die by resto. Well... it would be like a tree beating you up with its branches until you died. It would be pathetic. Thats what. Yeah. Nub. A tree killed you. And not by falling on you. By beating you to death with its fists. NOOB.

World... Burning...

I'm a friggen nutjob. But besides that, I really like the juxtaposition of the glaring red sky and the kind, reflective snow.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Death by Death Knight

As you may be able to tell by the title, this is gonna be another one in a string of class columns. I know I said that I would do leveling columns and Cata class changes, by those are boring. In this series, we will look at the various ways each class kills you- generally by each tree, one at a time.

So Death Knights- Blood, Frost and Unholy.

Blood: This spec isn't anything too extreme. It focuses on a lot on draining your life away from you. The way I see it happening is that the DK jumps from his flying mount and begins his assault. He drains your life away, the blood rushing up his blade and soaking into his skin. Eventually, though you do your best to burn him, he heals too quickly and you lose to much health to carry on.

Frost: When facing a frsot DK, you die quickly and relatively painlessly. He charges at you, freezing you in place. He continues to blast you with ice, frost and rime. All the while he is cutting at your limbs with his two weapons. While normally it would be very painful, the cold has numbed you and your responses are sluggish.

Unholy: By far the worst death by a DK. This monster waits behind a rock, or in a bush for you to ride by. When you do, he rips you from your mount to face him. An army of ghouls surround him, but they quickly move to position themselves around you. The bite and gnaw on your limbs while your foe fills your essence with diseases. Finally, you succumb to the rot and decay. (While all specs have access to diseases, Unholy focuses on them).


Yeah, it may be the side effect of a curse. But I like it. Maybe I'll keep the curse.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


As I figured, my ZG run did not go well.

By that, I mean that I was trying to get the Raptor and/or the Tiger and got neither.

I fact, I couldn't even down the Tiger boss. The Raptor boss was annoying and took a long time, but I gave up after 20+ min in one encounter with the tiger boss.

See, the Tiger boss (w/e his name really is) is a two phase fight.

Phase one, it is him and his two buddies. The three of them occasionally cast a great heal on them which does sill amounts of healing. Additionally, when one of them dies, within five-ten seconds, another one will cast a resurrection spell. This means that they need to go down at approximately the same time.

To aggravate me further, they have a Silence spell, that well, silences me. As a Prot-Pally this left Hammer of the Righteous, my normal attack, and damage from my seals for the most part. However, because they have different amounts of HP, hitting  HotR causes them to go down at an irregular interval. Thus, I couldn't use it.

I killed them three times. However, each time, as I was carefully bringing each of them to ~5%, I would kill one. Then I would turn to the next to see the tail end of a heal going off, and the other enemy would be back to 40%+.

This happened three times in a row. Just as I'm about to kill them off, one of them throws out a clutch heal and saves the day. I ended up trying to run away and died due to the really annoying Gurubashi Axe Throwers.

Unluck is a sad thing, but it happens. I have yet to get my Marrowgar 1h tanking mace. Oh well.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who doesn't like fire?

Wood Elementals. Thats who. I guess those would be treats tho. Meh.

James Cameron Plays WoW

Disclaimer: I don't know if this is true or not. Just coming up with conclusions out of the blue.

Disclaimer (pt 2): I don't care about your opinions about Avatar. It may be the best movie ever made. It may be the worst movie ever made. What I care about is WoW (thus the blog).

Anyways- to begin the parallels...

Look at the Na'vi. Look at the Draenei. Look at the Na'vi. Look at the Draenei. Now look at them together. Blue-skinned, tailed folk, who are significantly taller than humans. Check!

Look at the Na'vi's religion. Look at the Night Elves' religion. Now look at them together. They both worship and revere life. They both have world trees and their trees are destroyed The Home Tree as well as Teldrassil, Nordrassil and Vordrassil. They even worship god's with similar names. Look at Eywa compare to Elune. Both also have a high degree of ridiculous glowy things.

Now, consider the beats in Avatar. The first that they run into- charging beast think- kinda reminds you of a shoveltusk, right? Then the next one- the cat-thing. Looks remarkably like a saber-cat mount from the Night Elves. Then consider the riding mount he first comes across- Its a talbuk- with 6 legs. Then consider their flying mounts- especially The Last Shadow (or whatever it was). Look at the wings and the colors, then look at the wings and colors of the common dragonmoth in the Blood Elf starter area.

Now- think back to Ashenvale. Remember the Horde tree-cutting vehicles? Now consider the human's tree cutting vehicles. They have many similarities.

Yes. Avatar is WoW. Pandora is Azeroth. One has magic and the other has machine guns.

Zomg! Gnome Healer!

I mean, although that pally is in prot at the moment, it could potentially switch to holy. And then we'd have a cataclysm on our hands.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Looking for Ideas

Hey guys, I know you're out there. I know that there aren't too many of you who read this regularly, but if you do- I'm running low on ideas. Send me some. Otherwise, I'm going to actually have to think.

And thinking is bad.

Did you know that 100% of humans that think die with 150 years of their first thought, most a lot sooner, generally within fifty or sixty years?

Yeah. Thinking is bad.

So email ideas to eldritchreign(at)gmail(dot)com

Daed Dargon

I should do a series on Rimefang (pictured above), Sapphiron, Chillmaw and Sindragosa. They all look really cool and I want to ride them across the skies of a ruined Azeroth. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010


They happen.

Sometimes they can be amusing- like when you fall through the world for the first time.

I started in Borean Tundra and Ended up in Tanaris. Fun Ghost Walk.

Then there was an early bug with DKs that in certain situations, a DK who Death Gripped you, would not only pull you to him, but past him to the Alterac mountains. You would end up on a boat filled with corpses in the sky.

Then there are the not fun bugs.

Like when a boss will start the fight- and then instantly retreat out of range and continue to attack from above. When you wipe it up and try again, it happens again. I've had this happen to me on Tyrannus (in PoS) twice now and I've started to dislike it.

I takes me a while to understand bugs that are persistent. Classic bugs should have been fixed and current bugs- well they need to be fixed, especially something as central as the Final Boss in a New Heroic instance.

But I'm just raging.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Time to get my PvP on!

Yeah, thats the complete lv 60 Paladin PvP set you see right there. A few days ago I saw another paladin running around Burning Steppes (I was screenshotting). He didn't have TBC and was actually killing mobs there- it was weird.


I would like to profile a very lovely addon today. Ark Inventory is a wonderful bag management addon.

I have been previously using onebag and onebank which just throw everything into one big squar(ish) bag. Now, however, I have chosen to use AI.

AI has a lot more customizability.

It can be formated to act like onebag, but it has some other really nice options as well.

What I use it primarily for is the fact that you can sort stuff under different titles- there are standard types, reagents, drinks, mana pots, health pots, quest items, items for each profession, trade items etc...

As you can see here, I have many custom categories already created.

But then you can also make your own custom categorizations. And once you do that, you can have it so that those items are visibly separated from the rest of your inventory. No more hunting around for that stupid Eternal Earth- just look at the place where you keep your Elemental items. And if you add or remove items they will automatically go to their proper location.

Looking here, you can see that my DPS set is separate from everything else. I've put all of my consumables that I keep a stock of in one section, rather than sticking them in various groups or just leaving them in the main bag.

Not only can you organize your bag and your bank, but if you have enough privileges you can modify your guild bank (GLs only).

You can also organize your: Pets, Mounts, Keys and Alternate Currencies.

Its a wonderful and versatile tool that allows you to have a very clean and organized inventory.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Seriously Dude

Say it, don't spray it.

When it doesn't work out

Sometimes, when you raid, you one-shot all the bosses and the loot you want drops and no one else wants it and you're the happiest.

But it sometimes doesn't work out.

TOC is a 'small' guild. Meaning to say, that while we have over 500 guild members, the vast majority of them are alts. Additionally, we have over seventy 80's in the guild at this time. This means (theoretically) that we could run two 25's and two 10's at the same time. Of course, the probably at least half of our 80's are alts of other 80's so that wouldn't work out.

Anyways, we often have ten people on our primary raiding night. On our off night, we try and snag whoever we can. Tonight, we had seven people- we coulda pugged the last few slots, but it would have been too much effort, and too little reward for the puggees (a boss or two in ICC 10-reg).

So instead we had to come up with something else to do. We ended up going through Molten Core. It was a good time and I got a very nice hat.

We tried to do BWL, but we broke UBRS trying to get in.

The Pit of Saronite

Seriously, Sholazar basin is a pit. And it is the best place to mine saronite. Go figure.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vanity Weapons

First off, I just want to say that I know the biggest mistake Blizzard has even made. The didn't make a counterpart to Fist of the Deity. It is one of the prettiest weapons in the game and I want it.

However, I play a paladin so I can never equip it- much less its potential counterpart.

What I want to see is vanity weapons (the following could apply to gear as well). Anyone and everyone would be able to wield every single weapon as a vanity weapon. It would be a weapon kinda like The Fire Extinguisher. See- that is a two-hand. Not a mace, sword or axe. Just a two-hand. If you clicked to equip an item you couldn't use, it would pop up a little prompt:

"Equipping this weapon will make it a vanity weapon. It will remove all stats from it and it will be bound to you."

That way, when I (on my pally) see a really cool looking: staff, dagger, fist, or off-hand weapon, I could just equip it so I could look cool- but it wouldn't do anything. The important thing to stress is that all vanity weapons would do 1 dps.

However, what this would mean (especially if it affected (visible) gear) is that people could stop rolling Warriors to RP. At the moment all weapon types (except wands) and all armor (except class armor) can be worn by Warriors. Also all races (except Blood Elves (until Cataclysm)) can be warriors. This gives them the greatest versatility it customizing their appearance- but if you can put on whatever you want, no matter your class- it would look a lot cooler.

Again, this could be a very stupid idea that breaks Arena's beyond belief- but I don't care. I don't PvP. I wanna look purty!

We lost. Again.

We both lost the size of the previous image (X-Large is too large). And we lost WG. On my server, the Alliance has managed to defend the keep only 18 times. Since Wrath came out. Pathetic.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oddities in Space

This piece was originally titled that, and it made sense then, but now it is a very different piece and nowhere near as odd. I wrote this for my Speculative Fiction class.

Murtle was wearing his dress uniform, a crisp blue suit with white piping along the seams. He had a battle-ax slung across his back and a pistol by his side. He heard the airlock connect with the other vessel and a recorded message announced that it was equalizing interior pressure with exterior atmosphere. He sighed and waited a few minutes while the machine ran its tests. When the door finally creaked open he stepped forward and stood at attention. His display was greeted by a robot.


Today, we bring to you the Ruins of Lorderon, resting atop Undercity.

Also, we can now have X-Large images, not just large!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Advent of Alien Contact

This is a fairly long piece so I'm trying a new trick using jumps. I'm not sure how well it will work. I wrote this for my Aliens: Close Encounters of the Multidisciplinary Kind class this past semester.

Every year there are hundreds of sightings of Aliens or UFOs in America alone. Many people also claim to have been abducted by these extraterrestrials. Many scientists and researchers have looked into the reports, primarily to determine how accurate and likely they were. However, some researchers looked for an explanation as to why people would create these unlikely scenarios. Such research will be examined as well as several more speculative elements. Science fiction authors have been creating fictional first contact scenarios for several decades. Researchers at SETI and other institutions have considered the real variables and have come across some information that is not often used in first contact scenarios. Following the examination of the fictional first contact stories, various more realistic first contact scenarios will be explored, using information from SETI. Finally, the visual portrayal of alien life forms will be extracted from movies, television and video games, and analyzed. Using the common perceptions, knowledge of evolution and speculation from SETI a description of various extraterrestrial races will be extracted.

Flight of the Fly

Underbelly potion. It is delicious- you can have races with your flying pets.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Class Change Previews

I'll get to them. About a month or two after everyone else has had their three pence opinion.

I assure you, my opinion will be worth at least four pence!

Seriously though- I will get to them.

I'm sorry about the shortness of this post and the lack of effort I have put into it. It makes me sad. But I said that I would post daily and daily I shall post.

However, I am in the middle of writing my final papers- which of course, you may very well get to see because it saves me from actually thinking of what to write.

~Your Lovely Procrastinator

Crouching Cow, Hidden Meal

Need I say more?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Recurring events

Looking at the Cataclysm images you can see that a huge amount of construction going on. It would be really nice if the construction could progress.

Take the bridge in Redridge Mountain. That bridge has been under construction for five years. FIVE YEARS. They built the entire Argent Tournament within a few months.

It would be cool if the Bridge was completed. But you might say "That won't work! There are quests related to fixing it." or perhaps "But later players won't get that part of the story line." (for larger events).

Well, make it cyclical. Redridge builds their bridge. Gnolls or Orcs blow it up. Redridge fixes it. It is there for new players, and the quest stays.

Another example: an Alliance and a Horde ship (Up from Theramore, down from Azshara) could be on their own rails. They then meet along the coast of Durotar or the Barrens and have a lovely sea battle.

They would fight each other as NPCs fight in Wintergrasp, the Kalu'ak island in the Fjord, and the Brunnhilder in the Stormpeaks. They would fire back and forth and soldiers would grapple from one ship to another. There would be damage done to each vessel (ala ICC gunship battle). Additionally, the soldiers would damage each other.

If players flew down, they could support their team, either healing or attacking the enemy.

Eventually, one ship or the other will be nearly destroyed, likely the other ship will also be heavily damaged. They will return to their normal ports and be fixed. Visual damage could be caused during the explosions so the instant change would not be noticed by players and the designers wouldn't have to animate shards of wood blew rocketed around.

Meester Chilee

He be sooo cute! Almost as cute as pengu!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cataclysmic Events.

I'm really glad that I wrote out today's post yesterday. As mentioned in today's image, I feel nurk.

So without further ado, editing or proper grammar, today's post:

I would love to see some specific pre-cataclysm world events. I know that we are going to get those, in fact they have begun to appear.

There are quests about Night Elf Mages and Tauren Paladins. I myself have seen the Earthshakers in Stormwind.

But I had some ideas of my own. I will admit that thatey are slightly crazy/stupid.

Anyways- remember the Lava Waves in Sartharion? Yeah, I want to see those in the world. We can have them be insta-kill lava walls in the zones that have lava, water waves in other zones.

Perhaps the water would move players around and disorient them- maybe a little bit of damage. Of course their would be a warning so you have time to find a way to survive.

Twisters could up players or mobs and move them around a zone - maybe NPCs as well.

Earthquakes should affect the environement. Animals should be 'feared' casuing them to run wilding and when the quakes stop, itf there are players nearby they react like they normall do, otherwise they gradualyy return to their span point.

Finally, it would be really cool to see the return of the Black Dragonfliught. They could Buzz players, maybe breather down fire and cast AoE fears.

Good Luck surving.

*Sorry about the stupid ideas and the bad gammer, speellling. I'm reall y tired.


I just spent three hours running around in the woods in the dark hitting people (and trees) with swords, confusing trees with people, confusing people with trees, and running into everything. So I feel like that guy looks.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Open the Floodgates

I have to say that this is all wonderful.
I'll likely be linking to alot these next few days as that is where I get my information.

Anways, over the next few days, we will be seeing Cataclysm this, Cataclysm that, Apocalypse here, Doom there. And it will be LOVELY.

Today's post is going to be fairly short and forward looking.

Over the next two days I'm gonna be covering what I want to see in the pre-cata events and in Cataclysm itself. Primarily I'll be talking about npc progress and physical world events.

So in case you didn't know, the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Expansion Friends and Family Alpha has begun.

Additionally, MMO Champion has gone out and collected hundreds of images, models, maps and data.

*returns to hitting the refresh button*

Have I shown this before?

Hunter trainer place. Silverygoldmoon. I like the dancing bear.

For all of you who visit this site- I mentioned a LONG time ago that I would accept submitted screenshots. Email them to

Love at First Sight

When I first saw Mazzranache, I knew it needed to be my pet. Now, although it is a Planestrider, me and my friends call it a Flamingo. However, I often screw that up and end up calling it a penguin more often than not. Mr. Chilly approves.

Where are the Roads?

In Classic WoW, roads were everywhere. You would be in the middle of the desert- and there would be a road. You would then walk into an ocean- and find a road.

Now, roads are few and far between. The only place you can find any is in the Borean Tundra and there it is more of a path. In all the rest of Northrend, there are no major walkways.

In Outlands, you are more likely to find a legion of squirrels (it was an interesting bug) than a road.

I like the roads to follow. I want to see the roads in Cataclysm.

On the topic of transportation in Cataclysm- it appears that we will be able to purchase 310% flying. ALL flying mounts you own will then be adapted to this velocity. If you already have a 310% mount, you will get the training FREE. It may be a cheap upgrade- 1k, or it may be as expensive as epic flying. In any case- it is a decent amount of gold saved.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Aging Orphans?

So, as I was running around a few days ago getting the last 8 pets I needed for the Lil' Game Hunter, I did each of the Orphan quests.

Now, I realize that we don't age as characters as a mechanic, but I feel that the children should grow up. All it takes is maybe changing a couple to adult models and changing the names on a couple others.

I really think it would be cool if Dornaa finally got her training and was a full fledged shaman in a few years.

The Stormwind Orphans have been running around for five years without growing any taller.

What would really add flavor is if the children grow up, get married, take houses and their children run around the city.

The blocked off houses are a perfect place to add these families and Blizzard can cycle through them. Every generation names their kids after their parents so it is never more than four names per family-group.

Just an idea, but Cataclysm is the perfect time to implement this.

Another Coin of Ancestry, coming right up!

I had another shot like this, except the elder wasn't dancing.
Cows are cool. They deserve to be paladins more than the Blood Elves.

Monday, May 3, 2010


I really like the position of Ironforge- it is a really defensible place- someplace that makes sense for the dwarves. You can get to it from the tram (but you would have to go through Stormwind first). The other option is up this long, drawn-out, thin, winding ramp. The dwarves have plenty of chances to shoot you, run you over with tanks, knock you off the edge or otherwise ruin your day.

April Round Up

April was a good month. I got a bunch of t10 and my guild made some progress into ICC.

I've commented on raiding, loot, comfort zones and wiping.

I finished up the WoW in Real Life series, but barely managed to get anything of the Low Leveling guides worked on.

I even brought in my real life in a couple places- with Financial Aid and Elder Gods.

Finally, rather than giving this its own separate post, I've hit 200 individual viewers. I'm not sure how many of you are regulars, but I'm glad you've come around at least once.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stonetalon Pass

At least, thats what I think it is. Its the Tauren village in the Stonetalon mountains. A very nice place. Its going to be ruined in Cataclysm.


Does stamina really have a place in the game?

I mean, I know that we need stamina (and ever increasing amounts of it) to survive- especially as a tank.

However, at higher levels (meaning TBC and WotLK) probably about 90% of quest gear has stamina on it. I'm not including trinkets in this estimate. However, it seems that everything has stamina on it. Why put stamina on gear when you can just stick it on players?

I think that everyone should just have their stamina and gear that increases stamina be kept to talents and to tanking or PvP pieces.

I could see it being a problem if all priests at lv 80 had the same amount of health, but it could be easily tied to something else by way of talents. Every class needs stamina- it could just be part of the player, not the gear.

Just a thought I had- not sure if it worth anything.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Song

Today I was running H-Halls of Stone and when we got the Tribunal fight, I composed a wonderful song. (Sung to the tune of Imperial March (yeah- try to figure that one out)).

Anyways, here goes nothing:

I hate this boss fight.
I hate this stupid boss fight.
This fight is really long.
I hate this stupid boss fight.
Its four freaking minutes long.
I hate this boss fight.
I go OOM all the time.
I hate this stupid boss fight.
Everyone gets aggro.
I hate this boss fight.
I hate this stupid boss fight.
And this is my song.

It is a really wonderful piece- I think it shows that beneath our civilized exterior there is a crazed insomniac waiting for you to fall asleep.

You should try singing this sometime.

Anger Rising

We've had tuskar here before, but never one so ferocious and angry. Never have we had one casting hurricane!