Saturday, May 8, 2010

Recurring events

Looking at the Cataclysm images you can see that a huge amount of construction going on. It would be really nice if the construction could progress.

Take the bridge in Redridge Mountain. That bridge has been under construction for five years. FIVE YEARS. They built the entire Argent Tournament within a few months.

It would be cool if the Bridge was completed. But you might say "That won't work! There are quests related to fixing it." or perhaps "But later players won't get that part of the story line." (for larger events).

Well, make it cyclical. Redridge builds their bridge. Gnolls or Orcs blow it up. Redridge fixes it. It is there for new players, and the quest stays.

Another example: an Alliance and a Horde ship (Up from Theramore, down from Azshara) could be on their own rails. They then meet along the coast of Durotar or the Barrens and have a lovely sea battle.

They would fight each other as NPCs fight in Wintergrasp, the Kalu'ak island in the Fjord, and the Brunnhilder in the Stormpeaks. They would fire back and forth and soldiers would grapple from one ship to another. There would be damage done to each vessel (ala ICC gunship battle). Additionally, the soldiers would damage each other.

If players flew down, they could support their team, either healing or attacking the enemy.

Eventually, one ship or the other will be nearly destroyed, likely the other ship will also be heavily damaged. They will return to their normal ports and be fixed. Visual damage could be caused during the explosions so the instant change would not be noticed by players and the designers wouldn't have to animate shards of wood blew rocketed around.

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