Thursday, April 22, 2010

My bubble of happiness

I'm not referring to Divine Protection, Divine Shield, Divine Intervention or Hand of Protection.

Nor am I referring to Sacred shield or Power Word: Shield.

What I am referring to is my comfort zone. Right now my comfort zone is tanking on DK, Druid and Pally or DPSing on a Demo lock or Paladin. Anything else and I'm hopelessly confused and discomforted. However, with a little training, I can fix those comfort issues.

However, there are things in life that I cannot change. While my guild has been running ICC, I've been regularly paired with a certain bear tank and we have learned to understand each other's strategies, the pulls and the boss fights in conjunction. This week we had another bear who really wanted to tank. Since we are a casual guild, we let him. He had never tanked in a raid before (on any toon), was new to tanking, and had only been to ICC once before.

It took a while for him to grasp some concepts that I understand very well (mainly because I've been tanking at 80 for a year now). And there were certain pulls where I wouldn't have needed to say a word to my regular CT (co-tank) but I had to explain the whole strategy- beginning, middle and end.

Additionally, I have seen several players in my guild wear what one of them called their 'Frankenstein Suit'. They have been paladins and they have worn a mish-mash of gear. They wore SP plate, tanking plate and DPS plate. Their non-armor pieces were tanking, caster, and both agi and str based dps pieces. This frightens me and is way outside my zone of comfort. But I can learn to work with them and hope that if it all goes to shit, they can take over one of the other two rolls they are semi-geared for.

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