Saturday, May 15, 2010


I would like to profile a very lovely addon today. Ark Inventory is a wonderful bag management addon.

I have been previously using onebag and onebank which just throw everything into one big squar(ish) bag. Now, however, I have chosen to use AI.

AI has a lot more customizability.

It can be formated to act like onebag, but it has some other really nice options as well.

What I use it primarily for is the fact that you can sort stuff under different titles- there are standard types, reagents, drinks, mana pots, health pots, quest items, items for each profession, trade items etc...

As you can see here, I have many custom categories already created.

But then you can also make your own custom categorizations. And once you do that, you can have it so that those items are visibly separated from the rest of your inventory. No more hunting around for that stupid Eternal Earth- just look at the place where you keep your Elemental items. And if you add or remove items they will automatically go to their proper location.

Looking here, you can see that my DPS set is separate from everything else. I've put all of my consumables that I keep a stock of in one section, rather than sticking them in various groups or just leaving them in the main bag.

Not only can you organize your bag and your bank, but if you have enough privileges you can modify your guild bank (GLs only).

You can also organize your: Pets, Mounts, Keys and Alternate Currencies.

Its a wonderful and versatile tool that allows you to have a very clean and organized inventory.


  1. Not only that but when you hover over an item you can see how many of them you have, and where they are (toon name AND whether it's equipped, in the bag, or in the bank). And it shows how many are in your guild bank and on which tab.

    Now when loot drops for your off-set and you're not sure if you have it already... just hover and you'll know. Or if you could have sworn you had some eternal blah blahs, but not sure on what toon.


  2. True- I forgot to metion that because of another addon I have that has that function- so now I have two of that which is slightly annoying, but I like both of em.