Monday, May 24, 2010

Negative Stats

My druid, Erthu, is a bear tank and currently has equipped Shriveled Heart as his neck piece. The ZF only special green neckalce that gives -5 str, spirit and +13 stam. The stam is what makes it for him. (Not talking about the Shriveled Heart from H-HoR)*.

Anyways, I was thinking that negative stats would be interesting. Perhaps make some plate tanking gear with negative int and armor pen but with more than standard amounts of dodge, stam or str. The int would effect paladins and the arp would hurt warriors and DKs.

I'm not sure how else it could be fairly balanced or if at all it is a good idea, but I liked the concept and think more should be done with it.

*Also- if you know of any other two items that have the same exact name, but different stats, lemme know. I'm interested.

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