Saturday, May 29, 2010

Death by Mage

More death. More destruction!

Fire: Step one, there is a little fire on you. You shrug it off because it disappeared. Then a larger fire hits you and stays for a while. Than a freaking massive fire hits you and stays for a while, igniting several more fires. Then more fire turns you into a freaking living bomb.

Then your next-of-kin change your will to say that you wanted to be cremated. You also wanted your house burnt down.

Frost: Well first you get hit with a chest full of ice, and you stagger around a little... dazed. Then you get frozen in place, blizzard-ed upon, have lances of ice thrown bodily through you and you are eventually frozen in a block of ice. You die of hypothermia.

Arcane: Now this is where its at. First you get hit by a blast of MAHJIKUL energies. Then you get hit with that several more times. Then you get hit by a stream of missiles, not even seconds apart, in waves of five. Yeah, guns don't kill people. Magic Missile Kills people. 25 Free Magic Missiles in 2.5 seconds is even worse. You die of loss of health.

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