Monday, May 31, 2010

Ridiculous luck.

Oh my word, this is late.

And by late I mean almost 12 hours overdue. But I have an excuse.

See, last night I raided ICC 10 for the first time on my lock (alt(another guild)) and got farther than I ever have on my paladin (main(ToC)). Then some friends were starting Black Temple. They had enough people- 13, 14 of em, but they didn't have anyone who was tank spec'd except for a 73 Warrior (friend of mine). He couldn't hold threat on them, so they called me in.

Anyways, we go through without having much trouble. When we get to the council, we wipe once because we tried to roflstomp their faces, and that fight actually needs coordination (to a small degree). The Warrior tier dropped and my friend snagged the pants.

We then proceeded to Illidan, as people are wont to do when they get to him.

We roflstomped Illidan, with me posing as both MT and OT. In this fight, my friend died (he tried to OT).

Anyways, when the boss fell over, I checked his pockets: Warglaive of Azzinoth.

My friend didn't believe me at all, I was telling him repeatedly that it had dropped. Yeah, sure... I believe you....

He got up, checked the boss and when it was called for rolls, he rolled against another guilldie (a 70 Warrior). She got a 35. My friend rolled 100. Then on more Warrior Tier that dropped he proceeded to roll a 1.

The odds of rolling a 100 on a Warglaive? 1 to 2500 against. And then rolling a 1 on the other item you want? 1 to 250,000 against.

That there folks, is one of the reasons I play WoW. For moments where you say. Oh. Holy S***.

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