Friday, May 21, 2010

Death by Druid

Part deeux!

Balance: Well, your primarily get blasted about by arcane and natural energies- nothing too fancy, but there are a couple nasty bits in their collection. First off, they're Owlkin. They look so cuddly they don't even need a stealth mode. You think they're friendly until they shoot you with hundreds of bees in the face. Yeah, you get swarmed by insects, in a thunderstorm, while some trees claw at you. All the while your child-hood teddy bear is blasting you to death.

Feral: Not much to say here. First you get ripped to shreds. Then you get clawed, mangled, lacerated, bashed, swiped, mauled and more. Then you get charged, magled, torn and shredded. Again. And again. Until you bleed out.

Resto: If you die by resto. Well... it would be like a tree beating you up with its branches until you died. It would be pathetic. Thats what. Yeah. Nub. A tree killed you. And not by falling on you. By beating you to death with its fists. NOOB.

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