Friday, April 30, 2010

A return to Wiping

So we were wiping tonight again. Last time my guild was wiping was a few months ago.

Tonight, rather than being in ToC, TOC was in ICC.

Last night we 1 shot Marrowgar, 4 shot Lady Deathwhisper (but the second and third didn't count). and 1 shot the Gunship Battle. We even had time in our limited schedule to wipe on Saurfang 3 times.

Tonight when we came in we two-shot Saurfang and went into lands unknown.

Two of us had seen the precious fight (me and a warlock) and I had seen the Valthira fight. This was the sum of our knowledge. We way over-pulled in front of the Plague district (or w/e it is called). And came back and only lost three or four people. We wiped on our first Precious try and then managed to get her the second time. However, by the end both tanks were dead, so two healers and two dps ran around like headless chickens.

They insisted that they were 'kiting' the zombies, but it was quite amusing to those already dead. When we fought Stinky, well, things went south (again). The OT died, so I wasn't able to have someone taunt off so I couldn't recieve much healing. Then I died and the dps managed to take him down, with two locks and a holy pally left standing.

Then we wiped a couple times on Festergut. Someone who had done a little presearch read off the WoWhead strategy guide. It actually went fairly well- on our second attempt we got him down to 38% but then had to call it a night.

All in all, another wonderful night of wiping.

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