Sunday, February 28, 2010


A Fire spec mage's rotation. Levels 1-19 (at least). Fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball. Drink. Repeat.


Tanking in ICC. Real nice view there.
A slightly more expansive view.
Guild first down of Anub'arak. More like A NOOB'arak. Also Guild first complete ToC run- thats a given, given that it was the first Anub kill.

I know you all were probably expecting a Greedy Gronko piece, but this happened (as well as an Ony kill) and I have some more work I need to do so....

To top it all off I got a very nice 1h axe off Anub because I was the only who wanted it. And I wanted it because it was pretty. In Ony I got both the 22 slot bag and the Paladin Tanking helm, which is actually an upgrade over both my t9 piece and my offset HoR piece.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Greedy Gronko's Grand Gold Gathering Guide: Professions- Alchemy

I don't have a high level Alchemist, but there are a few fairly simple ways to get yourself covered in gold if you rolled a Alchemist.

One of the most profitable methods is flask making. The flasks are practically required to raid and any raiding guild demands that everyone has flasks up all the time. They last for an hour and so a guild that raids a 'mere' three nights a week for a 'mere' four hours each night will require 12 flasks per raider.

That mats aren't too difficult to find floating around Northrend and you can make a tidy profit off those. If you specialize in flasks you also have a 10-25% chance of creating an additional 1-4 flasks each time you make one.

There is the option to make health and mana potions, but those don't generally sell as well, considering that they drop off mobs and are much more situational.

The other way to turn your skills into gold is transmutation. There is a one day transmutation and I'm not sure if it carries over for all types, but there are transmutations for bars, eternals, and gems. You can also specialize in this and get the same chance to create more. Epic gems still cost a few hundred gold uncut and you can create them from just a few rare gems that will probably run you under fifty gold.

If you get the full proc you can generate up to five epic gems for under 50g. That will result in about a profit of 700g for a couple minutes work.

Yeah- those sites that say you can make over 600g per hour- they ain't got nothin on me.

We are soldiers three!

The three musketeers! Except that they don't have muskets.

Friday, February 26, 2010

One Coin of Ancestry, coming right up!

I stuck the moonstone I got from an ancestor in the middle of ToC and turned into an Iron Dwarf. The Northrend Elders are Iron Dwarfs. A couple of my guildies wanted me to start handing out the coins. I wish I could have...

Greedy Gronko's Grand Gold Gathering Guide: Questing

I would go in the order specified, but I'm going to do a separate post for each of the professions, so that will take a while. Anyways- on to questing.

Questing is the primary way most players make their gold as they level. This is because it involves mob killing as well as dungeoneering as integral parts.

Most quests will reward you with gold (or lesser forms of money) as well as items. You will quickly upgrade these items and you will be able to sell the previous items for more gold.

However, the most gold comes to you when you hit the level cap, because then all xp you earn from quests is turned into extra gold generated for you.

For the best quests, do dailies. They're simple, repetitive and they never run out. Since they're dailies, they come back every day and you can hit them again.

For TBC you get around 6g per daily (at cap). For WotLK you get a bit over 13g per daily. You will clearly want to be running the WotLK dailies as much as you can.

I would personally suggest doing dailies in Storm Peaks- so as to get Sons of Hodir rep (if you need it). If not them, you can work in either HF, DB and BT to get Kalu'ak rep or go to Sholazar to get Frenzyheart/Oracles rep.

After you get all rep'ed up, definitely go to the Argent Tournament. If you can't joust well at all, I suggest that you try the other dailies in Icecrown. However, if you can manage to joust, the dailies at the AT will also give you Champion's Seals, another form of currency.

Another option is speed-running old world and TBC quests. You will be able to one shot nearly all classic regular mobs at 80 if you're dps specced and most TBC mobs won't present any form of challenge at all. If you run enough you can make some serious bank as well as earning the benefits of getting the rarer things that you can only find in Old World Azeroth.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guess! A warlock!

This isn't actually my warlock. However, it is a simple feat that can be replicated by any level 60 Warlock who really wishes to.
1) Get Metamorphosis.
2) Get a priest to levitate you.
3) Screenshot away.
When this happened we decided that a full raid of 40 Demo locks with the engineering-chute-capes should jump from Dala and pop meta. It would be epic.

Greedy Gronko's Grand Gold Gathering Guide: Dungeoning

Greedy Gronko strikes again!

So today we have another wonderful guide on how to Gather Gold!

Its a grand ol' day for me because I shot down Northern Beasts last night and cleared up to Anub'arak tonight.



You want, we know how.
  1. Roll a tank or healer.
  2. Hit 'I'.
  3. Hit 'Accept'.
  4. Kill some stuff.
  5. Get Gold.
Thats a pretty simplified version- but it works.

You do get some gold from finishing the instance as well as more than usual from killing each mob.

The real cha-ching-bling comes in when you sell everything you get at the end of the run.

In Classic WoW, you have instances that are up to 4 hours long. Looking at you Wailer! This means that you will get many, many lootz. And many, many lootz will sell for equal many, many goldz.

When you get the goldz, you now have gold.

One important thing to note is that you need to be able to play your class.

You don't need to be able to spreadsheet like a pro, don't need to be able to make perfect gear descions.

Just don't be that hunter, or that paladin. Please. For the love of all that is related to WoW. Don't suck.

The Blue Knight

He wears blue. And has shiny blue weapons. And is awesome.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Greedy Gronko's Grand Gold Gathering Guide: Mob Killin

The term "grinding" really comes from ye old days of classic WoW (which I was sadly not a part of) where to get 1% exp to go from level 1 to level 2 you needed to kill 100,000,000 boars (approx). Thats a lot of boars. To get all the way to level two you need ten billion dead boars or so.

Anyways, grinding has now become a term to mean "doing something that gets ridiculously boring and repetitive after doing it for at least two hours." This can be anything, but this post will refer to the classic sense of the world.

When you are grinding by killing mobs for gold, you aren't killing the mobs for the fun of it, you're killing them for their drops.

These days there are a few things that sell consistently well and drop from mobs.
  1. Runecloth: This sells because it helps 80's get their rep up with the Faction cities without them having to grind.
  2. Frostweave: This is the endgame cloth- of course everyone is going to want it.
  3. Relics of Ulduar: These give rep with the Sons of Hodir, which is practically required for most endgame raiding.
  4. Marks of Kiljaedan, Marks of Sargeras, Fel Armament: These give rep with the Aldor- end game BC. Not as good as Relics, but if you're stuck at 70 a good place to go.
  5. Firewing Signets, Sunfury Signets, Arcane Tombs: Same as above, but for the Scryers, the opposite faction.
  6. Fertile Spores, Sanquine Hibiscus, Glowcap, Bog Lord Tendril: These are Sporeggar rep items and will sell slightly better than the Aldor/Scryer rep items because Sporeggar have a pet, which makes their rep more desirable.
  7. Pets: A list of 'dropped' pets can be found here. Be sure to note that some of the pets come from either items you buy from The Oracles or from Winter's Veil, an annual event. So while those are not mobs, they still can generate significant amounts of gold.
Of course, weapons, armor etc... can be either sold to vendors, or if it is of uncommon or better quality, it can often be auctioned off for more than a vendor will pay for it.


One of my DK's just hit 70.
Nescio. Alliance. Eredar.

Additionally, I just hit 100 god-forsaken posts. This makes me proud.

Greedy Gronko wants your gold. Go me!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Greedy Gronko's Grand Gold Piles

You may have been wondering who Greedy Gronko is. Well, this is he. He is not in fact, a goblin.
Perhaps future posts of his may be lead by this particular image.
Additionally, it is interesting to note that Greedy Gronko is currently floating around 20g as he is leveling his JC.

Greedy Gronko's Grand Gold Gathering Guide: Begging

I've decided to start with the most interesting topic of the Grinding section of this guide.

Begging is often frowned upon because of the whiny, persistent nature of most users of this technique.

However, there are good ways to beg, and to collect cash.

Please use this technique only if you really need the cash.

These are techniques I've used on reroll's and alts on a different faction/server.

Kindness Tip 1:
Whisper your target, don't use general or trade.

Kindness Tip 2:
Be sure that your target will have enough money to give you- don't ask like-leveled people or even people in their mid 50s-70s- they probably are still living on the day's wages.

Kindness Tip 3:
Thank your benefactors.

Strategy 1:
Explain yourself.

Explain why you need the money. For example, I wanted to buy a skinning knife on an opposite faction, and a new server. I had 34c and the skinning knife costs 78c. I was so very sad when I saw how expensive it was.

I saw an 80 (So he probably has a couple copper to spare). I asked for 44c to buy a skinning knife, because that is all I needed. He rode over to me and dropped me a good 5g.

Strategy 2:
Don't ask for large amounts.

While you can still get a donation of several gold, never ask for more than 5 (at starter levels) and don't ask for much more than you need at your current level. If it costs 5g for each of three skills you need to train, don't ask for more that 20g.

Strategy 3:
Don't ask for a donation, ask for a loan or loan-donation combination (a lotion or doan).

Generally this is for somebody you know, a friend or a guildie. Here you can ask for a large amount of gold- eg. 2k loan for the rest of epic flying, or something similar. Figure out a payment plan (for that it was 100g whenever I got it- I got 1.5k from auctions the next day so I sent all of it). For some people it may be 10g everyday until you've paid back, some may be 100g a week, or lots of 100g whenever you can spare it.

Don't default on your loans- thats just a bad move. It gives you a bad reputation and you won't get any more gold from that person.

Strategy 4:

Many people offer lap dances in the Stormwind auction house for 5g. You can do better than that. Put together a series of macros that include a speech, some standard emotes and some custom emotes. If you have cool trinkets or pets, you can use those. Put on a magic show in a heavily populated place- Orgrimmar or Stormwind and then ask for tips.

Strategy 5:

Make bets that you feel confidant that you can win, but that look like the odds are in the other person's favor. If you have the Really Sticky Glue bet an (reputable) 80 200g that if you duel them you can flee before they can kill you. This works best if you are a lower level.

Thats what I have to say for today... I'll try to continue Gronko's guides for you in the next few days/weeks.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Greedy Gronko's Grand Gold Gathering Guide: The Basics

Yeeesh- that's a long, alliterative title. Anyways, it is an excellent description of what I'm writing today. How to get gold. The basics of.

  1. Buy it
  2. Hack (the game)
  3. Hack (accounts)
  4. Grind
The ToS and Eula both say that the first three are bad. So don't do those. You'll be stuck grinding it out, watching those flashing pieces of gold come off the spinning stone of gold grinding.

There are many ways of grinding. Many of them are very simple, and I will not go into detail here, but I will in the future.
  1. Questing
  2. Professions
  3. Dungeons
  4. Mob-Killin
  5. Begging
Each of those begs its own guide, possible several for a couple of them. However, while begging is on the list, many people will get mad at you, and those who don't get mad will give you nothing and those that give you something will give you very little. There are tricks... but wait for those later.

The best way to get gold and stuff is to play the game. The only way you can play the game and not get gold is by PvPing. You can theoretically loot the corpses of the opposing team, but they drop pocket change. Additionally, you die a lot more for each one of them you kill than against normal mobs. So while it is an option, it is not a good option.

In the following days, perhaps weeks, I will continue this guide with various Marketing strategies.


I don't get the Naruu... but they are sparkly and this makes me happy.

Manager's note

The previous post was copied from a word document- this caused the text to be in black which consequently made it invisible here on the site. I 'fixed' that by setting the color to white, but it was brought to my attention that on other sites with white backgrounds, the text will now be invisible to you. I apologize for the inconvenience, but there doesn't seem to be anything I can really do about it with this interface.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A bedtime story! (Another piece!)

This is another piece written in the same world as A bedtime story! So- read on.

“Quetzan, Tlocal, you have been assigned to tutor war-priestess Mikaela. You know her reputation. I feel that you two can handle the responsibility of training her. Just so you know, our superiors are content with her knowing how to hold the weapons and with you knowing something about the gods- which you already do,” the officer grabbed a sheaf of vellum and held it out.

Quetzan threw a quick glance at his comrade at his side, saluted, and accepted the proffered packet of commands.

Religious training was a as standard a part of a warriors training as drills, combat practice, and tactical lectures. The soldiers traded lessons with the war-priestesses, with two soldiers for each priestess. Quetzan and Tlocal, as battalion sergeants, practiced in dealing with new recruits, were paired together and assigned Mikaela, on of the more powerful war-priestesses. Mikaela was unique amongst the war-priestess in that she also followed the third generation gods, not just the first two. She put in as much time and respect to the first two generations and the rest of the war-priestesses, but she also spent large amounts of time studying the gods of Power, Love, Knowledge and Wisdom. Her studies made her magics more powerful, effective and focused. A charm or hex cast by Mikaela would not wear off until she wished it to.

Stepping out of the squat command bunker Quetzan shoved the papers into his sack, adjusted his sword and dropped to his hands and knees. Tlocal followed suit and both shifted into dark, sleek jaguars. Bounding across the facility, the two warriors vied for lead, shoving the other out of the way, creating a massive dust-cloud in their wake. As they charged up to their barracks entrance, they found their passage blocked by a woman dressed in the traditional heavy robes of a priestess, but instead of the blue, green, white or yellow of the elementalists, her robes were dark red with silver embroidery, indicating that while she had amassed significant power and was capable in all four of the elements, she had yet to master the combat itself.

The two great cats skidded to halt and out of the cloud of rising dirt, the two men reappeared, heads bowed.

“Our apologies, war-priestess,” began Quetzan, “We are usually encourage to test the limits of our comrades whenever possible, so as to encourage them to improve.”

“No matter,” she replied, “Now, I'm assuming you know who I am. And I know your names, but not which face each of them belongs to. So, if you would be so kind?”

“I am Fourth Battalion Sergeant Quetzan Ner'hokla. And my fellow officer, Fourth Battalion Sergeant Tlocal Mont'eheur'kla.”

“Thank you, Quetzan,” she bowed to him, and the to Tlocal, “I know that our respective training does not begin until tomorrow, but I wish to start becoming aware of what will be expected of me as soon as possible.”

“Mikaela, the war-priestesses don't really expect you to learn much of anything here. They will be happy if you know how to hold a sword, spear or atlatl. They will be happy if you tell them that you taught us, even if we learned nothing,” Tlocal held up a hand to keep Mikaela from interrupting, “This is not only accepted by the priestesses, but by our officers as well. We have been told as much by them. However, Quetzan and myself, we are very proud of the training we have received, and our rank in the military. We will make sure that you know how to defend yourself. We will make sure that you can run twenty miles with a full pack in under three hours. We will make you a warrior, and in return you will teach us the ways of the gods. There are very few priests, and no war-priests, but you will teach us all you know. Do you agree to this contract?”

Mikaela smiled pleasantly and nodded, “I would not be able to bear doing otherwise. However, with all religious matters the priestesses write out a full contract with the god or gods they are dealing with, sign it, and then, if the omens are auspicious the contract has been accepted and the mark of the god or gods is imprinted upon the contract. The first thing any priestess learns is how to treat with the gods. For you, at this moment, nothing so grand- you merely need to treat with me.” She turned around and entered the barracks, the two soldiers following.

The next morning, before the sun had risen, Quetzan and Tlocal rolled out of their hammocks and moved over to wear Mikaela was sleeping. Quetzan stood next to the hammock and nodded to Tlocal who stood at her feet. Tlocal removed the pin holding the end up and Mikaela fell to the ground.

“Good morning Mikaela!” shouted Quetzan, “Today, according to the contract you had us write up yesterday, is the first day of training, and we are following our normal routines for training a new solider, again accordingly. This is the last day you get to sleep in so late. Tlocal got you a uniform and some standard gear. You had better beat us to the mess hall, armed and armored. See you at breakfast.”

Tlocal dropped a wicker chest on Mikaela, turned and followed Quetzan to the other side of the barracks. They quickly and efficiently donned their armor, threw their personal swords onto their belts and began to walk to the mess. When they got there, they took their time in getting to the front of the line, not using their rank to get ahead and walked over to their table. As they were sitting down, a breathless Mikaela burst into the room, and after a lengthy glance found them already seated.

“You did decently. Some soldiers can't figure out how it all works until we've finished eating,” said Quetzan, “But- now is your time to shine. Enlighten us.”

“You are both Servants of the Gods, correct?” she asked.

“We were,” corrected Tlocal, “Now we are training to be Warriors of the Gods.”

“Of course, I apologize. I was born a free citizen of Terakla, and so I know very little of the real experience of the your early lives. Many compare Servants of the Gods to slaves. You have no choice, you are told what to do, and once you have children, you are sacrificed to the gods. Some people ask if that is wrong.”

“It is not wrong, for it is in the service to the gods,” replied Quetzan, “Besides, if you do not believe in the gods, you are sent to the priestesses. Most come back as true believers, the others come back pardoned from their fate.”

“I have led the discontent into the temples Quetzan. They see the gods themselves. The gods visit our world and say that they wish that that particular person will serve them in their realm. To do so, we must spill their life according to the contract, and free their spirit. But many people call it murder.”

“It is not murder. The Servants of the Gods choose their fate. If they do not wish to serve the gods in their realms, they are spared,” argued Tlocal.

“But what about those who are not born as Servants?” said Mikaela, “They, and their descendants, will never be asked to die for the gods.”

“It is possible for the freed to join the ranks of the Servants and the Servants to join the ranks of the free. No families fate is set in stone,” countered Tlocal.

“The free only join the Warriors of God. They are not sacrificed in cold blood. They die in the heat of battle, or survive and return to their families. The other case you mention does not happen. It has not been recorded- ever. No Servant of God has performed so well as to cause the gods to ask that the Servant remain to serve them in this realm. They have always asked that they be sent to theirs.”

“You may be right Mikaela. It may be wrong,” said Quetzan, “But I do not consider it wrong. I am willing to serve the gods in their realm. However, what is more important is that we have finished our meal and so we must now begin to teach you.”

Up in UK

As I've been leveling one of my DKs I've been revisiting old (WotLK) instances. Because of the slower pace of regular instancing rather than lolheroics (combined with more ghost-runs) it allows me to look at the architecture of these places and take many a screenie.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Or so I've been told...

Anyways, since this is the big news in WoW, I've decided to write my take on it.

I am not going to bother posting everything about patch 3.3.3 because this is not a new blog. This is a personal opinion, experiences etc... blog. It simply doesn't make sense for me to post what other people have posted hours or days ago, in less detail. If you want news, check mmochampion or wowinsider.

Anyways, 3.3.3 is going to be a minor update patch. They are going to fix a few things in games, mostly balance issues and they will also be touching up the BG system.

For the BG system they are removing Marks of Honor as well as buffing the HK honor gain. This is wonderful for me because it will allow me to not only get the PvP mounts, but I will also be able to finish off my Lv 60 PvP set.

Additionally, news has been leaked of the upcoming patch 3.3.5 which doesn't make sense to me because 3.3.3 has just been released on the ptr and there has been no mention of 3.3.4.

With respect to 3.3.5, they have announced more bosses for the place below Wyrmrest Temple. This is supposed to be the forerunner to the Cata world event but the bosses will have Lich King level loot tables.

The above fact makes me very sad. Because of the loot levels there will be a corresponding difficulty and I feel that it is very unlikely that TOC will be able to get through the place. I would find it much more agreeable if it were on the same level as regular ICC or perhaps even ToC.

Anyways, I also disagree that if these new dragons are implemented that Arthas is the last boss of the expansion, because there were bosses that came after him.

Out in the sun

I've recently returned to the Borean Tundra for the fifth time. Twice for my 80s and now for my 3rd DK through the area. One was deleted (at 74), one is stuck at 73 and the other is working towards 70 tonight/tomorrow.

Anyways, I've always disliked the way the zone has so many terrain styles, and I've always like the little quest chain on this beach. Anyways, don't go into the fog.

Friday, February 19, 2010

I had a plan...

And that plan was to get both my DKs that I'm interested in leveling to 80 before March 13.

I don't know how well its going to work out, because I have an inability to level more than one character at a time. One of them has leveled three times in as many days, with about 7-9 hours /played. He is a tank and therefore has been abusing the pugger system. The other one, although he has a tank spec does not have tank gear, and so he be a DPS. This means he can quest efficiently, but instances are just a pain for him.

If I take into account bad pugs, it is generally easier for him to just quest at this point rather than run runs.

I'd say more, but my brain is telling me to stop thinking, so I might do that.

Lawn Ornament

No, its not a paralyzed gnome. I'm sorry. Nor is it a plastic flamingo. In fact, it is the Rare-Spawn Pink Tallstrider, Mazzaranche. I have since renamed it Schrödinger, which is a wonderful pet name. I also capped The Rake, another rare spawn, and renamed him Hannibal.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


PvP is fun!

I've discovered that winning in WSG is actually loads of fun.

I've been leveling a hunter with a shammy friend and we're both lv 13 right now. We have been entering WSG as often as we can and today we each got 250+ HKs, with about 20-30 KBs on my part.

It was really fun caping the flag at level 11 and it was just hilarious when I was in a posse of four hunters, we shot down anything before it got close to us.

A while back, with one of my DKs I capped 5 times in 2 games.

In another game, in the 50-59 bracket (notoriously heavy with DKs) we had a 70% DK group. So, when our flag was snagged by the other team, by preorganization we chain Death Gripped the poor sod back to our tunnel, all the way from his tunnel, killed him and returned the flag.

On my 80s I don't appreciate PvP as much because many players have significantly better gear than I do. However, with the new PvP changes coming up I may be able to finally finish my lv 60 PvP plate set of awesome, and then start working on getting a couple decent lv 80 PvP sets.

Obi-wan and Windu

Back-to-back, matching armor sets, pets, spells being cast and fur tone. Yeah. The Cows in Black are back.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I just wanted to get my opinion heard on Blizz's big PR stunt. Half of the proceeds from the Pandaren Monk vanity pet went to Make A Wish foundation. $1,100,000. That is a lot of money. 200,000 people each bought the monk for $10 and, as advertised, half went Make A Wish.

Many people are up in arms about the fact that Blizz did not donate all 100% or that Blizz has not lowered the price now that the charity part of the sale is over.

As someone wise said in a reply to one of these trolls, "When was the last time you donated $1.1 million to charity?"

Seriously, Blizz didn't have to do this. Blizz chose to do this. Yes, they made a million off of it. Yes, they got a small tax write-off for it. Yes, it was good PR. But, most importantly, Yes, they did donate a HUGE amount of money to charity.

This was yet another way to make some cash, but look at the numbers. There are, at last count at least 10,000,000 accounts. Multiply that by $15 a month. Answer: $150,000,000. Yeah, although blizz doesn't need the extra million they made from selling the Pandaren, Activision (their parent company) does. Blizz is the only part of activision that was in the blue Q3 2009. The rest of the entire company was in the red.

Beyond that, yesterday, I was on my newbie hunter (Horde, Silver Hand) and I didn't have enough copper to buy a skinning knife. It costs a piddling 78c. I had 34c. It was absolutely pathetic. I saw a 80 ride buy and asked for 44c to buy a skinning knife. He gives me 5 gold. This simple donation made my day.

The 80 didn't have to give me anything. But he did. Then, one might ask, why didn't he give me more? I mean, just by queuing for a Heroic he can get 30g+ or if he runs a couple dailies he can get the same in about five minutes. He probably had thousands of gold, why not give more- its not like such small numbers are vital to him. But he didn't have to, he gave more than was expected- in fact, I didn't expect to be able to afford a skinning knife. I was lucky that someone so kind wandered by. Similarly, Make A Wish was lucky that blizz decided to donate.

Tonka Tank!

Its a siege engine! Now, I wonder whose bright idea it was to put an active tank in the middle of the city. This city is visited by millions of violent 11-year-olds on a daily basis and all of them know how to use this thing............(those are ... tacked onto other ... just fyi)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RPing for the first time

Yesterday I logged onto my DK on Silver Hand. She is a 59 Unholy Forsaken. Silver Hand is a RP server, and I have never really interacted strongly on the few that I have tried out. Anyways, I definitely had some fun playing 'in character' however, any character concept and history has yet to really happen. I had some very amusing discussions which you can see below. So:

[Trade] Dukazh: wts Crusader Orb for 350. pst me
[Trade] Dukazh: 2 of them!
W to Dukazh: I could sell your children for that much... shall I?
D: ok? I have children at the age of 17?
L: Or would you rather give me an orb and have your children returned- alive and whole.
D: <---- 17. Not worried about children yet
L: Well... Your future childrens' safety is at stake.
D: Thank you doc.
D: from back to the future if you didnt catch that :P
L: Do you really value 350 gold over their potential well being?
D: sure
L: Well, there goes my business plan. When you have children and they go missing, forward a Crusader Orb to me and you'll get them back.
D: hahaha......iiii dont knooooow.
To: Nindera

I would like to purchase both of the Assassination Blades you have on the auction house. However, having just freed myself from The Lich King's thrall for a second time, I am desperately lacking funds. If you could hold onto the weapons until I manage to gather 200g, I would be greatly pleased.

Your Undying (and consequently eternal) customer,
This last image doesn't need a transcript, it just shows that people on RP realms are (imho) generally more mature, use proper spelling and can take a joke.

Anyways, I had a glorious time and later in the evening got five WSG caps in two consecutive flawless victories.

A gate to Hell(fire peninsula)

The top image is the Azeroth-side of the Dark Portal, the lower image is the Outland-side. It is interesting to note the difference in camera angle required to get a full shot of the gate. The Outland portal and surrounding structure is easily two or three times larger in each direction.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A bedtime story!

For those of you who are generally confused about what I write, well, today is your semi-lucky day! Rather than post my 'Grand Goblin Gold Getting Guide' I'm going to throw up a story of mine that I wrote for a class. So without further ado, text:

“Drop into formation and prepare seventh drill. Mixed weapons, jaguars first rank, eagles second, vipers take third. MOVE!”  
The soldiers quickly arranged themselves as commanded- two groups arrayed against eachother. There were fifteen rankers in each row, with a sergeant on each flank for the first two and the lieutenant of the group behind the atlatls in the third rank. Quickly, the men in the first rows dropped to their hands and, in seconds, there were fifteen inky jaguars in their place. The warriors behind them, covered with eagle feathers and wearing a runed talisman around their necks readied spears over the backs of their four-legged comrades. In the final rank, the each soldier grabbed a blunted two meter arrow, and, with practiced ease loaded them into their atlatls. The arrows fit snugly into notches at the end of weapons, with a quick flick of their wrists they launched the arrows farther than a bow could shoot them. 
 When the shafts struck their foes, the soldiers mimed death and fell to the ground shrieking in mock agony. Following the initial volley the forward ranks advanced to the middle of the field and each jaguar spearman pair began an intricate dance with the opposing teams. With the melee embroiled with combat, the vipers launcher their remaining spears at targets of opportunity. When their ammunition was exhausted, they too changed forms into their spirit animals and joined the fray, spitting acid and the brawlers. As jaguars began to fall in fake death, their companion spearmen dropped their weapons and, upon touching the runes on their necklaces became eagles who took to the sky and swooped down into the fray landing blows wherever they could. Conversely, if a jaguar lost his teammate, he would launch himself into the enemy ranks, causing as much havoc as possible. Both sides were equally matched and when drill seven finished, only one viper warrior remained standing, but still acting wounded.   
“Endex! Endex!” shouted their commander, calling for an end to the exercise, “You've got ten to clean yourselves up. Debriefing in second barracks.” Finished with his commands, the officer walked quickly away, going around other practice fields where battalions were still embroiled in combat. The warrior he left behind began to peel themselves from the ground, and hoist up their friends. Once everyone had gotten up and had been checked for serious wounds, the soldiers searched for their weapons, cleaned them and placed them in their proper positions on the racks at the side of the field. Even the jaguar warriors checked their obsidian blades for damaged, even though drill seven did not call for their use. Basic maintenance completed for their weapons, they checked their talismans for any possible damage, these were what gave them the powers of the spirit animals and if they were damaged, physically or magically, they would have to requisition new ones from the temple priestesses- a process that could take months. If they did notice small faults however, they could get them repaired by the battalions war-priestesses fairly quickly.  
The war-priestesses had a unique relationship with the soldiers. The temple priestesses, and occasional priest, avoided the military like rain avoids a desert. The war-priestesses had been brought up with the same training and the same beliefs, but for a different purpose and so dedicated themselves to different subjects. Rather than taking on the task of a complete understanding of all of the gods' wills, the war-priestesses focused on Marzuka, Terronk, Beligiza and Vitronkal, the gods of death, creation, war and life- the first two generations of the gods. They mastered the art of contracts with the gods and could wreak havoc among common foot soldiers with their powerful magics. Because of their study of creation and life, they could adapt themselves to become battlefield healers, and bring the fatally wounded back from the realm of Marzuka. Because of the lack of attention they gave to the younger, third generation gods, the temple priestesses considered them heretical and consequently avoided their allies in the military. 
 Once the checks had turned up nothing significant, the warriors only had a few minutes remaining to clean themselves of the sweat and stains of battle. They raced each-other to the canal bordering one side of the practice field. Diving in they quickly washed dirt and blood away and let their muscles relax in the cool river water. Re-donning their pelts, feather capes, and snake hides the soldiers jogged over to the sturdy barracks. They naturally fell into standard marching formation and they reached their destination, a low, long adobe and limestone building. Inside, the cots were folded up and stacked against a wall. The captain of the battalion was already there, seated on the floor with water pouches, corn bread and roasted meat scattered around in a circle. The soldiers dropped into place, and grabbed their fair shares of the food.  As 
they began to eat, their commander began to speak, “You all know this is the last day of training. Tomorrow you will be tested by the veterans. You will suffer, you may very well die. But I like you enough that I do not want you to die yet. When the time comes for you to be sacrificed to gods, you will go, and I will honor you, but for now, I would like it very much if you stayed alive long enough to stick the Melacan baby-eaters with your spears.” he grinned a looked around at them before continuing, “You performed drill seven well. Not as well as the masters, but good enough, for you to pass an observational exam. What you need are nerves of obsidian. Cold, sharp, unbreakable. You have faced each other, knowing that at the end of the day, you will be able to sit down and talk to your friends. Even in the most trying of your tests so far, the priestesses could bring you back if you fell. Tomorrow, or in the future fighting the Melacan, if you die, you die a true death, and you will not be able to return to our company. You have yet to face an entire army of screaming lowland barbarians, numbering in the tens of thousands. More spears than we have soldiers. When they send the dark shadow over us, respond with your superior training, your superior discipline and your superior skill. Nor have I faced the hordes. I have no more experience than you do. When we face the Melacan, we will face our fears together. Now, because this is our last day, I offer you a choice. If you so desire, I can call off training. The rest of the day will be yours. You can relax, gamble, pray, visit your families. Or you can choose to continue our endless drills and improve your thrusts and parries.”  
Never before given a choice in this matter, the soldiers all responded in general agreement with one another, “More training, we wish to make the gods proud, and to make our sacrifices worthy.” Not one dissenting voice was raised among the century, not one wanted a break from the relentless training that had consumed their lives for the last two months. They finished their food and drink, stood and headed back out into the noonday sun to train, and to become true Warriors of the Gods.


Its a walrus man! As I was wandering the underbelly of Dalaran, looking for yummies for my Toxic Wasteling to eat I found several Underbelly Elixirs. One of them turned me into a firefly (with actual flight capabilites) but that fell off me quickly because you're not allowed to fly in Dal. The other was this. I are Kalu'ak.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to get old (aka "Elder")

This is gonna be a cheaty-face post. Just letting you know before I bother writing it.

I'll list the steps out.

  1. Go to all the elders. Use wowwiki, wow insider or some other guide to give you co-ords, if you use co-ords.
  2. Shoot some rockets, go someplace lag-free.
  3. Stand in the light after people of the other factions spent hours getting ganked and trying to kill Omen.
  4. Bask in the light of your new title.
Seriously- thats all there is to it.

I would like to point out that it is actually a decent chance for you to give some xp to your alts. In addition to getting lots of exploration in, they get some serious EXPZ from talking to the elders.

I guess not...

So when I ran Moorabi yesterday, he was not nerfed... Or so it seemed. Again, it will require more testing and of course I am willing to test it until I get the achievement. However, neither the 3.3.0A 3.3.2 patch notes cover anything about Moorabi. As mentioned in Almost There, several other bosses were changed in 3.3.2 and Moorabi was not mentioned.

Toxic Waste

When I completed Tough Love Friday night (read: Saturday morning) I was just interested in the achievement. However, I managed to get my hands on some radioactive goop that, similar to the Lil' KT pet, eats critters. In this case the Toxic Wasteling grows as he devours the little things. Although he starts off rat sized, he is capable of eating animals as large as cows from the very beginning of his life.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Useless items.

This includes everything I have on my paladin except for my Charger, Violet Protodrake and my t9 prot and ret sets.

To be specific:

  1. Pieces from T1, T2, T3, T6.
  2. Pieces from season 7, 8.
  3. Pieces from the lv60 PvP paladin gear.
  4. Cool looking items creating a Pirate equipment set.
  5. Cool looking items creating a 'reaper' set.
  6. Other cool looking items creating a lack of bank space.
  7. Other cool-effect items also creating a lack of bank space and cool effects.
  8. Items from all the holidays. All of everything.
  9. 53 other mounts, including several flying mounts, several epic ground, and a few regular ground mounts.
  10. 66 Vanity pets, some of them do indeed do cool stuff, but the majority of them just follow me. And look cute, but thats not the point here.
  11. 14 or so tabards (maybe 15 or 16 at this time).
  12. Items that I've bought because they are cool- like the train set, and the train wrecker.
  13. 20 odd titles, maybe more by now.

But seriously, these are a huge reason of why I play this game, because there is so much random junk that I do not really need, but would love to have anyways.

Yeah, you got a list of all the things I have that don't do anything for a post today. Lol.

Haha- MOAR spaceships!

Yeah. Its not a WoW screenshot. But I don't think I ever said it had to be. This is from Mass Effect, a wonderful RPG that I've been playing far too much of and will continue to play until I buy Mass Effect 2. Then I will play far too much of that.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Nerf bat!

So... according to my collected data a good friend of ours has been hit by the nerf bat. Not paladins, not DKs... MOORABI!

Again, this is merely speculation from unofficial, simple data.

From what I've seen, Moorabi's third and (sadly) fourth casts of Transformation, have been slowed down to about a second and a half and a second respectively.

I believe this went into affect this past Tuesday, with patch 3.3.2.

If this is true, I am more likely to get Less-Rabi sometime within the next week. Which will make me happy. If not, well, I'll cry some more. Boo-hoo for you.


Since I'm in the mood of first downs, this was taken in Ulduar after Guild First (one-shot) Kologarn kill. It look purty. Auriaya (crazy cat lady) is off to the side. I'm not sure if we've actually downed her yet.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I can make you TWO spaceships!

You want a spaceship? You want a spaceship? You want TWO spaceships? I can make you TWO spaceships!

I don't exactly know what that is about- but somehow, I will make it relevant.

Yeah- I gotcha! I'll talk about spacegoats!

Everyone loves the spacegoats.

They have a very lovely buff. Its called a +1% chance to hit.
It may not seem very helpful, but it can save you about 60+ hit rating at 80 for a melee.

That could be a whole nother 60 points of crit, or arp, or shtuff like that.

It means more dps. This makes us happy.

Anyways, the starting area is pretty cool, and killing belfs has never made anyone upset at all. They have some pretty classes, but sadly cannot be warlocks. A Draenei warlock would be absolutely terrifying. So would a tauren lock. Anways... about the two spaceships.

The origins of the Draenei come from the Eredar. They were led by three of their number, all well known folks in WoW lore. There was Kil'Jaeden, who became the final boss in Sunwell Plateua, Archimonde, the final boss in The Battle for Mount Hyjal, and Velen- prophet and leader of the Draenei people. So those three dudes were contacted by Sargeras- supreme evil guy of the multiverse, commander of the Burning Legion (of demons). Sargeras corrupted Kil'Jaeden and Archimonde and they became demons as well as all of their followers. Velen, being a prophet, foresaw this and ran the hell away with some exiles- the or 'Draenei'.

They fled from world to world, eventually landing on Outland, a place they called 'Exiles Refuge' or Draenor. They made friends with the orcs and hooked up one of their two spaceships in Netherstorm. The other carried on and crashed into Azeroth.

The blood elves eventually took over the one in Netherstorm, and it is called Tempest Keep (only a setback). The survivors of the crash made friends with the Alliance and their broken boat became their capital.

It is an interesting thing to note that if the Draenei had had warlocks, they could have easily cast 'enslave demon' on Kil'Jaeden, Archimonde or possibly Sargeras himself. Yeah. They could have enslaved a raid boss. Thats why warlocks are awesome. And thats why you always have two spaceships. One to be a infinite killing grounds for belfs and one to find you some warlocks.

More Like A-NOOB Twins!

As I've mentioned before ToC is NOT a progression raiding guild. Yesterday night they downed Northern Beasts and Jarraxus for the second or third time. Tonight, I was actually present for the Guild First killing of both the (One-Shotted) Faction Champions (which they've wiped on before) and the (Two-Shotted) Valkyr Twins.

I was going to use the A-Noob'arak instead of Anub'arak joke, but we wiped on him twice. However, we may get him down sometime this week.

In further news, I got two pieces of loot- one a drop off Flame Leviathan and another from emblems.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I can't think of much to write so- short piece today.

Luck is a huge part about WoW. I mean most significantly is drop rates. Like Baron Rivendare's mount. We all want it. But it has a 1% drop chance. To have a 99% chance of getting it you would need to run it well over a 100 times. To get something that looks like a 100% (99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999...%) chance of getting it you would need to run it something on the order of six thousand times.

For raiding you might get hit by an extreme streak of bad luck from the RNG gods. You're healer may not crit for three heals in a row, the tank may fail to block, dodge or parry three consecutive crits from the boss and then the whole raid wipes.

And then in heroics, for achievements, you may get the perfect comp a dozen times in a row, and then not. While I've been working on Less-Rabi, most of the runs I've had for the past week, I think all, except for one, have had a shaman and a mage, both of which are very helpful. This most recent one had neither and we only had two interrupts amongst all of us.

But we must maintain faith with the RNG (random number generation) gods. Yes, they may screw us out of our loot, or our raid, or our achievement, but they may also make it so that you get your loot, and your achievement and you get to keep on raidin.



Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I've not really covered raiding yet, and I think that it is important that I do, so I will. Makes a strange sort of sense don't it?

Anyways, The Oasis Contingent (TOC from here on in, is a wonderful, excellent, amusing, social guild. It is not really a raiding guild in any way, shape or form. Back in June of last year, shortly after 3.1 and Ulduar came out, we were in fact begin to progress into Ulduar, and repeatedly going through Naxx. We had even begun to take down Sartharion with some drakes still up. However, at that time our raid leader, and one of the guild officers, announced that she was leaving to set up her own raiding guild. It is now one of the better raiding guilds on our server and they are well into ICC. They are the fourth best 10 man, and third best 25 man alliance guild on our server.

TOC is 21st for 10 mans and 14th for 25, again Alliance side only. We're about 4-7 bosses into Ulduar, have downed Ony, and recently have begun to hit up the mobs in the Trial (which is ToC: note the capitalization differences).

Seperate from the guild I have run some pugs in ToC and ICC, but have never actually downed anything in either of those two instances. In Ulduar I've only gotten four bosses down and looted- FL, Razorscale, XT and Kologarn.

What I really enjoy about raiding tho, is our occasional retro raid. While they are generally walks in the park and we just bullrush the mechanics, its a load of fun. I've gotten the Classic Raider and Classic Dungeon Master achievement, and I only have Tempest Keep, Mount Hyjal, and Sunwell Plateau for the Outlands Raider.

The fun thing about older raids is that in many cases you can have much more epic battles. In Hyjal, in particular, it was scaled for 25 people, and you have waves of about 20 undead coming at a time. Twenty mobs is a huge amount of trash, but it is not as ridiculous when you have 25 people. However, if you only have 6, like we did, it becomes more of a last stand "I can't find my body amongst all these zombie corpses." kinda deal, which is really cool.


I like how the mounts scale with the user... although I was a little overwhelmed. Of course, I proceeded to easily beat him in a duel.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I got my paper back.

So, as you can tell by the title, I got my paper back. This is the paper I posted a while ago: An Essay on Attention in Video Games. Yeah, that thing.

So it seems that my professor agrees with me about the findings and found the piece pretty solid overall. In case you don't want to read that whole thing, the point was that people who play video games develop attentional resources quick and to a further extent than non-video game players.

WoW was actually the source of the idea for me, because, when I'm raiding, there are many things that I have to attend to. Primarily, is my threat. I don't have to attend on just one target, but in some situations up to forty. Although the Onyxia whelps aren't that dangerous. Anyways, I have to pay attention to my health, the targets health, positioning, mana, the healers mana, the number of healers up and where they are, as well as all of the cool downs on all of my abilities.

If I was raid leading I would also have to pay attention to where everyone else is and who is still alive. Additionally I would have to coordinate special abilities, AoD, Heroism etc....

Healers have to keep track of everyone's health, and often they are tasked to watch the debuffs as well. They are additionally concerned with their mana, and their position relative to the DPS, tanks and the other healers.

What this brings me to is that simplifying these tasks is beneficial to our immediate gameplay, but does make us a 'weaker' person. I will admit that I am one of those 'weaker' types. I use addons to simplify everything. I have DBM and Omen to help me with positioning and threat and I use IceHUD and SpartanUI to centralize the important information about me and my target. I additionally use grid to keep track of the raids current composition and overall wellbeing.

The next time you consider downloading an addon, consider the above, and consider if you want to be a mutant, superior to the majority of the rest of your race.


Until a couple of runs ago, I had never looked back in H-AN. And I see a couple of pretty damn epic waterfalls.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good groups

I'm going to continue on my series of PuG pseudo guides. I'm gonna tell some stories, give some tips.

  1. Apologize, but not too much: I've had people apologize for accidently pulling mobs. Thats ok. If they die, and I manage to pick it up and keep everyone else alive- well- they're the one with the repair bill- so I consider it even.
  2. Know who to blame: If the healer dies, its the tank's fault. If the tank dies, its the healer's fault. If the DPS dies, it is their own damn fault.
  3. Explain yourself: If you don't want to skip a boss, let them know why. If you do want to skip a boss, let them know why. Same with achievements, or full clears.
  4. Make (reasonable) suggestions: In today's H-Gundrak (try 24 this week for Less-rabi) the healer shaman asked if I thought I could sustain myself through the boss fight if they went enhancement to DPS the boss. I was pretty sure I could and gave the go-ahead. If I had gotten the achievement, I would say that was why.
  5. Know class trademarks: Knowing certain skills like Heroism, Misdirection, Death Grip, Army of the Dead, Divine Intervention, Tricks of the Trade and others can be very helpful when leading/tanking/healing a pug.
Look! An even five. Score!

Rise! Rise and fight once more!

So maybe it isn't Noth who is raising Ingvar- but hell- it works.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

How to Pug.

Be a good pugger. There are a couple things that are very important to do when you are pugging. I shall list them nicely for you.

  1. Don't be a ninja: Being a ninja gets you blacklisted. Also if you ninja before the last boss, you may get kicked from the party and you'll have to wait the queue again.
  2. Don't get in front of the tank: Stay behind the tank at all times. If you get in front of the tank, you are liable to pull something. The tank may not care to save your ass.
  3. Don't be an ass: Be polite, say hello, maybe talk during the instance- if you have time. Eg. In Culling of Stratholme, make fun of Arthas, you have the time and the motivation. A bad place to type lots of things would be Black Morass, Violet Hold or the first bit of Halls of Reflection.
  4. Know the instances: Know where you are. Know how to get to where you are. Know where you want to go. Know where the bosses are. Know the boss fights. A big help for this is the Atlas addon. It includes maps of all the instances, along with boss locations.
  5. Know thy GYs: Know where the graveyard is and how to get back into the instance if/when you wipe.
  6. Know how to play: Try to figure out your best rotation/priority system. You can visit elitestjerks or some other theory crafting site, or you can figure it out yourself. Look at your talents and see what improves if you do something else before it- think for yourself.
  7. Let people be aware of your intentions: If you have a time limit, certain quests you want to get done, or an achievement to do, let people know before you start. This way, if they will not let you/cannot help you, you will not have to explode when bad things happen.
  8. Give (and recieve) tips: If someone is standing in the Whirlwind, or standing in the fire let them know, kindly. If someone tells you that you are standing in fire, or that you are not standing in the sparklies (which can be good, on occasion) thank them, and adjust your strategy.
  9. Watch the mana bars: Especially if you're the tank, make sure people have enough mana to keep on goin. If you're in a group with 2 rogues, a warrior, a DK and a priest, well the heals still has mana- make sure they have enough before CHAERGEING in.
  10. Thank them: Even if your granny and your 2 year old cousin could do better than the healer and the tank, thank them for getting you through the instance.

Amazingly enough, it came out to be exactly ten. When I first 'finished' the list, I had 6 then I added more because, well, they're important.

Its a image!

Looks like I'm tankin Oculus. It isn't actually a bad instance. By now most people know how to get around. The only bad part are the dozen or so non-elite whelps at the beginning. A PITA to tank.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Its a pony!

Lookie! A Mammoth! Available from your local Sons of Hodir- requires Revered (maybe exalted).

How to become 'the (Love) Fool'

First off, to get this title, and the Meta, you will have to be at least 75ish if not 80.

Charming: Take the bands you get from your gift boxes and use them on people who have broken hearts.

Flirt with Disaster: Do what the text says. Get Smashed. Go to IF. Find the Pie Vendor Srazz (he walks around the great forge). Rose him and /kiss him.

Dangerous Love: Pick up the "Dagnerous Love" quest in either SW or UC. Follow the orders. You end up in Hillsbrad. There, you will want to click on the cauldron when all is said and done.

The Rocket's Pink Glare: All you need to do is have a decent internet connection. Once you get the 10 rockets which you should be able to get by doing the quests, just bind them to a button and hit that button for 20 seconds. By the end, all 10 should have been shot and you'll have yourself an achievement.

Sweet Tooth: You'll get boxes of chocolate from the quests as well. Open them and eat teh chocolates!

My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose: You can get the Ebon Rose from the Prince in UK, the Maiden in HoS, or the Prince in AK:OK. You can get the Red Roses from the same as well as the Princess in BRD, Illyanna in Dire Maul, or the Archivist in Stratholme.

Shafted: Get 10 arrows from the quests. Find 10 players who are not currently shot. Shoot them.

Lonely?: You have to get to Dalaran for this one, which may be a difficulty for some people, but I'm sure some mages will set up shop in downtown SW selling ports 'cheap'. Anyways, get a picnic yourself or find someone who does, sit down and eat a chocolate with em. You get to keep the picnic basket and it is always nice to have a picnic with KT.

Nation of Adoration: You need to get five Love tokens, plus a special Item for each of your four capital cities. The item is only available through flirting with that city's guards. Do so and you can put together the four gifts you need for this achievement.

Fistful of Love: Find one of each of the listed type. If you can't find what you're looking for it is technically possible to throw together a trial account, create a toon of the required type and then flower em. I did that with the Troll Rogue.

Be Mine!: This one was a terror last year. You need 3 or 4 bags which were all very difficult to find to have a good chance of finding all 8. However, due to massive amounts of QQ, in 3.1 Blizz patched the achievement so that it only required any 6 of the 8. This means many people logged on to find that they did in fact have the achievement, long after the holiday had past.

I Pitied the Fool: This is the difficult one. You need to get into the Culling of Stratholme- a level 75+ instance. Naxxramas- a level 80+ raid and Wintergrasp- a dangerous place to be if you are not 80 and very dangerous if you are below 70. However, you can /pity someone else's fool, so you don't have to expend all of your charges.

Yes. It is late.

These are late so I've decided to give you a treat- all of the screenshots that I took from last last nights Mt. Hyjal raid have been posted here (in reverse order).

Outside the horde camp. Hi Thrall! (that guy is one BAMF)
Seriously outside the Horde Camp.
On the Bridge from the Alliance to Horde Camp.
Riding up to the bridge.
On the road, leading to the house, leading to the bridge, leading to the Horde Camp.
In the Alliance Camp, on the road, leading to the house, leading to the bridge, leading to the Horde Camp.
Shock and Awe at the way it all looks. Its so GREEN. So FRESH. So not UNDEAD!
Flying down to enter the CoT.