Sunday, May 2, 2010


Does stamina really have a place in the game?

I mean, I know that we need stamina (and ever increasing amounts of it) to survive- especially as a tank.

However, at higher levels (meaning TBC and WotLK) probably about 90% of quest gear has stamina on it. I'm not including trinkets in this estimate. However, it seems that everything has stamina on it. Why put stamina on gear when you can just stick it on players?

I think that everyone should just have their stamina and gear that increases stamina be kept to talents and to tanking or PvP pieces.

I could see it being a problem if all priests at lv 80 had the same amount of health, but it could be easily tied to something else by way of talents. Every class needs stamina- it could just be part of the player, not the gear.

Just a thought I had- not sure if it worth anything.

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  1. Stamina is a good indicator of "gear" level. Developers use splash effects to test a raid's gear level as surely as they use rage timers. While it may not be a necessary component, its a common and easy to define one. And let's not forget that warlocks mana needs are built around their ability to life tap ^^ Stamina is definitely useful there as well.