Thursday, May 27, 2010

Death by Hunter

Another installment of death.  Hunters are pretty simple. It should be fun.

Beast Mastery: So, you're walking along and all of a sudden a rhino, raptor, or perhaps some other freaking weird beast thing will attack you. Its clawing biting, smashing, whatever it does. And then it gets giant and red. And then your clothes turn red, with blood. All along, you are being peppered with shots from the hunter, painful, but not as bad as it could be.

Survival: A corpse that you were about to loot leaps up, hits you with his two axes, clips you so you cant chase him and jumps back thirty feet and opens up with a barrage of shots. Even though you managed to close to him, he just won't die. Along side him, his pet is keeping you dazed constantly.

Marksman: Walking along a sunny path, you suddenly feel a bullet enter your head, followed by four more in rapid succession. A few seconds later this repeats. A wolf charges at you and bites your guys. The sniper hits each of your vital organs in order and you die, quickly and (relatively) painlessly.

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