Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vanity Weapons

First off, I just want to say that I know the biggest mistake Blizzard has even made. The didn't make a counterpart to Fist of the Deity. It is one of the prettiest weapons in the game and I want it.

However, I play a paladin so I can never equip it- much less its potential counterpart.

What I want to see is vanity weapons (the following could apply to gear as well). Anyone and everyone would be able to wield every single weapon as a vanity weapon. It would be a weapon kinda like The Fire Extinguisher. See- that is a two-hand. Not a mace, sword or axe. Just a two-hand. If you clicked to equip an item you couldn't use, it would pop up a little prompt:

"Equipping this weapon will make it a vanity weapon. It will remove all stats from it and it will be bound to you."

That way, when I (on my pally) see a really cool looking: staff, dagger, fist, or off-hand weapon, I could just equip it so I could look cool- but it wouldn't do anything. The important thing to stress is that all vanity weapons would do 1 dps.

However, what this would mean (especially if it affected (visible) gear) is that people could stop rolling Warriors to RP. At the moment all weapon types (except wands) and all armor (except class armor) can be worn by Warriors. Also all races (except Blood Elves (until Cataclysm)) can be warriors. This gives them the greatest versatility it customizing their appearance- but if you can put on whatever you want, no matter your class- it would look a lot cooler.

Again, this could be a very stupid idea that breaks Arena's beyond belief- but I don't care. I don't PvP. I wanna look purty!

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