Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Toon

This is Arugal. He is a level four Nelf Warrior on Nazgrel. He was my second toon I ever made. I haven't logged on him in at least a year. One of my friends (whose name I no longer know) had convinced me to get WoW and roll a toon on his server- Nazgrel-A. So I did. I even gathered up the ridiculously expensive price (30c) to mail to his main, Palanar. Never heard from him again.

And this here is Crugar- Eitrigg-A. He was my first toon I ever made. My friend (mentioned above) told me to make my character on the Server Nazgrel. But at the time I was a noob and the game told me to pick a realm. I thought that that was different from a server. Yeah, I was a noob. So I made a Nelf Druid. As of now he is level 26 and I hadn't logged on on him since patch 3.1.

I had some friends on Eitrigg that I made through playing, but at the end of August, they all disappeared. One had been on a trial and two went on vacation. I tried solo play-totally disconnected from the world and it felt weird. So I rolled some more toons- Alliance and Horde on Eitrigg- but never got into them (I think the next highest was a level 7 Orc Hunter).

Anyways, I then managed to find Ursin, home of the Sluggy Freelance guild, and rolled a toon there:
And the rest is over 41 days /played on this toon. 27 /played at level eighty. 79 /played over all toons. Gawd.

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