Friday, May 28, 2010

More Wiping

So, this week my guild extended our raid lockouts so that we could 'delve deeper into ICC'.

It didn't go so well. Our first night we wiped on Precious, then wiped on Rotface several times.
Following that, we lost three people to power outages.

We switched sides, got some new blood and took down the Valk mini-boss- so we got saved.
Proceeding from there we wiped on Valithria several times as well.

Our second night, today, we managed to kill precious, wiped on Rotface four or five times, and then went over to save our dragon.

We wiped there six or more times.

This was a lot of wiping.

The moral of the story is that we had fun. On Valithria, when you start the encounters, she calls out something along the lines of: "Heroes, lend me your aid! I... I cannot hold them off much longer! You must heal my wounds!"

We laughed at her, we had visited her five times already so this is our revised message: "Failures, wipe on this fight again! I... I cannot contain my laughter much longer! You must bash your heads against a wall for an hour!"

Yeah, we had fun. Then we came up with methods to allow the guardians to let us through and just walk her out.

We were TSA, Homeland Security, Health Inspectors, Cops (with a warrant for her arrest) and Messangers from the LK.

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