Tuesday, May 18, 2010

James Cameron Plays WoW

Disclaimer: I don't know if this is true or not. Just coming up with conclusions out of the blue.

Disclaimer (pt 2): I don't care about your opinions about Avatar. It may be the best movie ever made. It may be the worst movie ever made. What I care about is WoW (thus the blog).

Anyways- to begin the parallels...

Look at the Na'vi. Look at the Draenei. Look at the Na'vi. Look at the Draenei. Now look at them together. Blue-skinned, tailed folk, who are significantly taller than humans. Check!

Look at the Na'vi's religion. Look at the Night Elves' religion. Now look at them together. They both worship and revere life. They both have world trees and their trees are destroyed The Home Tree as well as Teldrassil, Nordrassil and Vordrassil. They even worship god's with similar names. Look at Eywa compare to Elune. Both also have a high degree of ridiculous glowy things.

Now, consider the beats in Avatar. The first that they run into- charging beast think- kinda reminds you of a shoveltusk, right? Then the next one- the cat-thing. Looks remarkably like a saber-cat mount from the Night Elves. Then consider the riding mount he first comes across- Its a talbuk- with 6 legs. Then consider their flying mounts- especially The Last Shadow (or whatever it was). Look at the wings and the colors, then look at the wings and colors of the common dragonmoth in the Blood Elf starter area.

Now- think back to Ashenvale. Remember the Horde tree-cutting vehicles? Now consider the human's tree cutting vehicles. They have many similarities.

Yes. Avatar is WoW. Pandora is Azeroth. One has magic and the other has machine guns.

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