Friday, May 7, 2010

Cataclysmic Events.

I'm really glad that I wrote out today's post yesterday. As mentioned in today's image, I feel nurk.

So without further ado, editing or proper grammar, today's post:

I would love to see some specific pre-cataclysm world events. I know that we are going to get those, in fact they have begun to appear.

There are quests about Night Elf Mages and Tauren Paladins. I myself have seen the Earthshakers in Stormwind.

But I had some ideas of my own. I will admit that thatey are slightly crazy/stupid.

Anyways- remember the Lava Waves in Sartharion? Yeah, I want to see those in the world. We can have them be insta-kill lava walls in the zones that have lava, water waves in other zones.

Perhaps the water would move players around and disorient them- maybe a little bit of damage. Of course their would be a warning so you have time to find a way to survive.

Twisters could up players or mobs and move them around a zone - maybe NPCs as well.

Earthquakes should affect the environement. Animals should be 'feared' casuing them to run wilding and when the quakes stop, itf there are players nearby they react like they normall do, otherwise they gradualyy return to their span point.

Finally, it would be really cool to see the return of the Black Dragonfliught. They could Buzz players, maybe breather down fire and cast AoE fears.

Good Luck surving.

*Sorry about the stupid ideas and the bad gammer, speellling. I'm reall y tired.

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