Sunday, May 16, 2010


They happen.

Sometimes they can be amusing- like when you fall through the world for the first time.

I started in Borean Tundra and Ended up in Tanaris. Fun Ghost Walk.

Then there was an early bug with DKs that in certain situations, a DK who Death Gripped you, would not only pull you to him, but past him to the Alterac mountains. You would end up on a boat filled with corpses in the sky.

Then there are the not fun bugs.

Like when a boss will start the fight- and then instantly retreat out of range and continue to attack from above. When you wipe it up and try again, it happens again. I've had this happen to me on Tyrannus (in PoS) twice now and I've started to dislike it.

I takes me a while to understand bugs that are persistent. Classic bugs should have been fixed and current bugs- well they need to be fixed, especially something as central as the Final Boss in a New Heroic instance.

But I'm just raging.

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