Wednesday, May 19, 2010


As I figured, my ZG run did not go well.

By that, I mean that I was trying to get the Raptor and/or the Tiger and got neither.

I fact, I couldn't even down the Tiger boss. The Raptor boss was annoying and took a long time, but I gave up after 20+ min in one encounter with the tiger boss.

See, the Tiger boss (w/e his name really is) is a two phase fight.

Phase one, it is him and his two buddies. The three of them occasionally cast a great heal on them which does sill amounts of healing. Additionally, when one of them dies, within five-ten seconds, another one will cast a resurrection spell. This means that they need to go down at approximately the same time.

To aggravate me further, they have a Silence spell, that well, silences me. As a Prot-Pally this left Hammer of the Righteous, my normal attack, and damage from my seals for the most part. However, because they have different amounts of HP, hitting  HotR causes them to go down at an irregular interval. Thus, I couldn't use it.

I killed them three times. However, each time, as I was carefully bringing each of them to ~5%, I would kill one. Then I would turn to the next to see the tail end of a heal going off, and the other enemy would be back to 40%+.

This happened three times in a row. Just as I'm about to kill them off, one of them throws out a clutch heal and saves the day. I ended up trying to run away and died due to the really annoying Gurubashi Axe Throwers.

Unluck is a sad thing, but it happens. I have yet to get my Marrowgar 1h tanking mace. Oh well.

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