Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Aging Orphans?

So, as I was running around a few days ago getting the last 8 pets I needed for the Lil' Game Hunter, I did each of the Orphan quests.

Now, I realize that we don't age as characters as a mechanic, but I feel that the children should grow up. All it takes is maybe changing a couple to adult models and changing the names on a couple others.

I really think it would be cool if Dornaa finally got her training and was a full fledged shaman in a few years.

The Stormwind Orphans have been running around for five years without growing any taller.

What would really add flavor is if the children grow up, get married, take houses and their children run around the city.

The blocked off houses are a perfect place to add these families and Blizzard can cycle through them. Every generation names their kids after their parents so it is never more than four names per family-group.

Just an idea, but Cataclysm is the perfect time to implement this.

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