Friday, May 14, 2010

When it doesn't work out

Sometimes, when you raid, you one-shot all the bosses and the loot you want drops and no one else wants it and you're the happiest.

But it sometimes doesn't work out.

TOC is a 'small' guild. Meaning to say, that while we have over 500 guild members, the vast majority of them are alts. Additionally, we have over seventy 80's in the guild at this time. This means (theoretically) that we could run two 25's and two 10's at the same time. Of course, the probably at least half of our 80's are alts of other 80's so that wouldn't work out.

Anyways, we often have ten people on our primary raiding night. On our off night, we try and snag whoever we can. Tonight, we had seven people- we coulda pugged the last few slots, but it would have been too much effort, and too little reward for the puggees (a boss or two in ICC 10-reg).

So instead we had to come up with something else to do. We ended up going through Molten Core. It was a good time and I got a very nice hat.

We tried to do BWL, but we broke UBRS trying to get in.

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