Friday, May 21, 2010

And more cats!

Today, I got a kitten. Her name (given by the shelter) is Bunny. And she is vicious. She has attacked: my feet, hands, fingers, nose and knee. Additionally she has taken on a 45 lb dog, many toys and the walls of my house.

Anyways- on to the matter at hand, Vanity pets. I enjoy them and I enjoy the direction Blizzard is going with them. I have used ArkInventory to my collection them:

What I enjoy about many of the pet is the manner in which you get them. A huge number are for sale and since many are faction restricted you have to go to the Goblin Auctionhouse.

Anyways, then there are the rare drops, some of which I wish were a little less rare so that I could afford them.

But I really like the pets that interact and have cool idle animations. This means the slime (from Love is in the Air), the Pandaren Monk, Lil' KT and Lil' XT. I really like XT because he destroys that stupid train set (yes I own one too).

I don't like how many special/really cool pets they are putting on the Blizzard Store, I would prefer to have more in game, and some slightly more mundane pets in the store- of course, then they wouldn't sell. So who am I kidding?

Anyways, KITTEN!

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