Friday, April 23, 2010

Elitest Jerkness

I am currently gearing up my paladin- Alenena, to tank raids (her gear may be displayed as Ret).

Anyways, right now all of my gear is iLv 232 or better- this means it is all t9 equivalent.

The ONLY possible upgrade from emblems of triumph (for my prot spec) is the 245 Helm. However, since no plate tanking helms drop in ICC 10 Reg, which is what I run, I have devoted my frost emblems to getting that particular tier piece. Following that I will occasionally upgrade my other slots with items that I can get as I get the frost.

However, as a not serious raider, I have trouble getting many frost. This means that I have to be very careful on what I purchase with my emblems.

Yes, I could do theory crafting and figure out which piece I need to get when, but it would take a lot of work. I would need to figure out my personal BiS set which is fairly unique- unlike most raiders, I have yet to progress past the first four bosses of ICC and I feel that it will be a while until my guild can successfully pass them.

This means I need to wait each stat and figure out the likely hood of each item dropping, and then the likely hood of me winning it.

So, rather than doing all that work, I'm just finding the items I'm least likely to get, aiming for those first and my selection method- after I get 2piece t10- will be prettiest first.

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