Thursday, July 29, 2010

Super Awesome Times

So. TOC is Super Awesome.

We did ICC today and we downed Marrowgar and Deathwhisper no problem. In fact, DW had only 2 add phases, which was great for us.

We did the Frost Giant Weekly (the last time we had it we had just started ICC so were WAAAY undergeared).

Then we did gunship.

We did it achievement style.

We did it heroic style.

We did it heroic achievement style.

We did it super awesome style.

Then we proceeded to one shot Saurfang. He got a total of about 102 runic energy. We almost killed him before he got off a SINGLE mark. We were awesome.

We did Rotface, easily one-shot.

On Festergut, Malkhelm was slightly undergeared for his 3 inhale's mode, so got squashed. It was not good. I switched over to Alenena and we rolled over that boss onto P Putricide. I got to be awesome and rolled over everything as an Abomination. Its really fun being an abom.

Then onto Valithria, we focused, we did well and we killed the killers and saved her.

Finally we got to say hello to Lady Dragon Sindragosa. The gauntlet was fun, the trash was fun and then she aggroed.

We ran back to the Gauntlet room, because thats supposed to reset her. It didn't. I managed to get to the elevator and ride it up. I was one of three survivors. The others were FD'd hunters.

We tried again, and, after an explanation, did only a little better. Though we did last through the first air phase. And by we I mean me. Because the other person died when they were hit by the frost tomb. I soaked the first  blast, Ardent Defender saved me on the second and then I bubbled through the third and fourth, leaving me at about 3% when she landed, alone and trying to run away. Then the dragon ate me.

But in any case, we plan on doing Blood Prince Council and Blood Queen Lana'Thel tomorrow (which we have on almost farm) and then fight Sindragosa til she dies. If she dies, then we go onto the Lich King and possibly extend the lockout until that bugger falls to the ground and gives me my Troggbane!

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