Thursday, July 8, 2010

Its all wrong!

The last few posts about DKs... well, its gonna be pretty much 100% wrong.

Blizzard has announced that they are redoing the way talent trees work in Cataclysm. Completely.

  1. Talent trees are being reduced to 31 points in depth. I'm really aprehensive about this- they say they're going to keep core talents, but I feel that losing all that will feel like a bad thing.
  2. Players will only get 41 talent points at 85. This is very interesting, because if you get the 31 point talent you only have 10 points to spend in other trees- which seems weird. But with higher density of good/cool talents, it may be worth more than the twenty we have today.
  3. At level ten, a player will pick a specialization instead of just dropping points. They player will be locked into this spec until they put 31 points into it (or respec/dual-spec). This seems like a helpful thing for lowbies. It almost definitely is the death of hybrid specs, like frostfire.
  4. When a player picks a spec, they will instantly get the passive bonuses for that spec. DPS specs will get a % DPS increase, tank specs will get their 'vengeance' effect, etc.... Originally Blizzard had intended for players to get more out of these the more points they put into their tree. Now, with a straight buff and being locked in you get the same effect you would get (at the end) at the beginning of your leveling. Yeah, this is nifty, nothing wrong here.
  5. When a player picks a spec they will instantly get an active bonus for that spec. These abilities are usually considered to be signature abilties. They include Mutilate for assassination rogues, Divine Storm of retribution paladins, mortal strike, shield slam, earth shield, thunderstorm, pennance and more. Now this. This. This is full of epic and win. perhaps even some epic win. Seriously- you'll get a KEY ability that you would previously have to wait for 60 for at level ten. This is AWESOME.
  6. Players will be able to spec into secondary trees at level 70. This is the time when you will get your 31 point talent.
  7. Players will alternate levels between getting a talent point and getting an ability.
So, this looks awesome. It is indeed the total reboot they promised us. The trees will be 100% fresh, as they will have all lost about 10+ talents. But I'm very apprehensive. I don't know how this will turn out. But I trust Blizzard to make this amazing.

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