Monday, July 26, 2010


I recently decided that I wanted to get the BC dungeon reps up to exalted. Of course, the fastest way to gain rep with them is to do their heroic dungeons.

So, I decdied to start with Keepers of Time- the Bronze Dragonflight dudes in The Caverns of Time.

"Guild [Alenena]: Hey, does anyone wanna chain run H-OH for KoT rep?"
A few seconds pass, I enter H-OH and realize that I've already done it that day.
"Guild [Alenena]: nvm, I was dumb, its heroic."

So now, I wish to consider lockouts. I definitely see the need for them in raids. A good raiding guild could probably clear ICC-10 in four or five hours. If they really want loot, they could run it every day- thus raids should have weekly lock-outs. Especially end game raids.

However, there isn't really any gear at all in Naxxramas that is very good for anyone- well, its good, but you can get equal and better by running regular 5-mans. Seriously, if you chain-run the ICC-5s, you'll get better gear than you ever could out of Naxx. In fact the gear is even better than Ulduar 10.

The best gear you can get in Ulduar is 232. You can get the same in heroics. So if you want gear, it doesn't make sense at all to run Ulduar. It requires more people, takes more time, and if you don't get the item you're looking for, well, you have to wait another week to get a chance at the loot.

Burning Crusades heroics are 100% obsolete. You can get much better gear by running Wrath regular dungeons and doing quests.

It doesn't really make sense that an 80 should be locked out of a BC heroic. I can understand keeping lockouts on raids, otherwise they would be to easily farmed for gold. But there are faster ways to make money than BC heroics. I think that, if you are at the level cap, heroics from ALL previous expansions should not have a lockout. So in Cataclysm, if I wanted to, I could go back and chain PoS and try to get the battered hilt and get myself a Quel'Delar.

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