Sunday, July 4, 2010

Death Knights in Cataclysm.

Well, in Cataclysm Blood DKs are going to be the tanks, Frost can DW or 2H- up to them, and Unholy is something I don't know much about.

So, without further ado, a Blood Tanking spec:

So- some interesting talents:

The Combination of Hemorrhagic Fever, Crimson Scourge and Blood Swarm all improve it. I like it because it is a cheap snap AoE. Anyways, it can now decrease physical damage dealt, does more damage and you can get it for free when you clip your Blood Plague.

Bood Presence and Imp Blood Presence are the replacement for frost presence- so now presences work with the specs. The improvement gives you your crit immunity.

Blood Parasite is the blood worms redone, so it heals your party- not just you.

Will of the Necropolis currently just does the standard reduced damage under 35%. In Cataclysm, it will give you a Rune-Tap free essentially. Plus 25 damage reduction for 8 seconds- pretty nifty.

Sanguine Fortitude is pretty awesome too- unbuffed it reduces damage taken by 30% and makes the player immune to stuns. If you add in the talent, it now reduces damage taken by 60% and is FREE. So its the Shield Wall/Divine Protection of DKs.

And Dancing Rune Weapon is actually useful for tanks now! In addition to the normal extra damage it provides 20% parry- a huge amount, making it a worthwhile tanking cooldown.

So this is plenty long for a post- I'll do frost some other day. Don't worry boys'n'girls, I'll get to it.

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