Friday, July 9, 2010


Very creative title eh?

Anyways, I get to talk about some moderate success!

Yesterday, in our three hour allotment we did the weekly (Patchwerk), 1 shot the Lower Spire and Rotface and two shot Festergut before raid time.

Then we went back in today to try and kill Putricide. We put in three or four attempts (9-manning it, not enough people on). We had incredible amounts of trouble getting the oozes down, which was interesting, we hadn't had that sort of problem before.

Failing there we moved on to kill Svalna without any problems and then marched over to the Blood Wing. There we shanghai'd a guildie who logged on and tried have a shadow priest tank Keleseth, Faer (Bear) tank Valanar and myself (Pally) tank Taldaram. Things we go well until they didn't. A few times someone would grab aggro and Empowered Shadow Lance would kill em. Then there were other similar problems with dying. We tried that three or four times and then moved on to having me tank both Valanar and Taldaram while Faerlina tanked Keleseth. Our first try he got one-shotted even though he had four Dark Nuclei on himself. Our second attempt got them down.

We then moved onto Blood Queen where we had a /much/ better time than on Putricide. Putricide we got to about 85-90% (yeah, thats awful). On Bacon Quiche Lettuce we got down to around 50% on our first attempt because the first bite victem lagged with feet of purple fire and died before he could bass it around. Our second attempt we were slightly disorganized but managed to get her to 26% before her hard enrage. Finally on our third attempt, I called out who would bite who (all I need to do was my 969 rotation). It gets complicated to hold in your head when you have 4 people with the debuff.

Anyways, she took to flight right before people were about to get MC'd and our warlock succumbed. In the next 30-40 seconds we ignored him and burned her down to 11%. If he hadn't been MC'd, the damage we would have gained from one of our top DPS not being MC'd and from not killing our other DPS might have pushed us over the edge to getting a wing boss down.

But we can do that next week. Yay ICC!

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