Thursday, July 1, 2010

Good News Everyone

We did awesome in ICC today.

The Cataclysm Closed Beta has been announced to be starting shortly.

Anyways, because TOC is planning on running Ulduar on Monday for achievements and boss killing (never got very far in there) we skipped this weeks weekly, Razorscale, and just plunged into ICC. Because I was tanking, if a healer was in range, I pulled, so things went fairly smoothly.

We one-shot Lord Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, and The Icecrown Gunship Battle.

We had a little trouble on Deathbringer Saurfang-the first time I could not focus for some reason and bad things happened.

The next attempt nobody is quite clear on our particular failings, but we got to the enrage and bad things happened.

The third attempt we downed him at 7:45. Fifteen seconds to go before the enrage.

We had some fun with the traps in the next section. Our bear kitty-dashed/rocket-booted his way through (I had forbearance on my self because of Divine Protection) and opened up the teleport. One of our priests, who was the Master Looter and therefore stayed behind walked into the flames and died. So, after killing the near valkyr, we sent another priest after her to res. He died, then another priest resed both of them and the first priest died in a fire a second time. Good laughs.

At this point in the raid (and the afk break before Saurfang) I looked at's information on cataclysm. cool stuff- I should review that someday.

We then two-shot Rotface. The first time I managed to die three times, once while I was rearanging the big ooze to get to a couple people with little oozes, then I got BR'd into an ooze explosion, and then I got BR'd, lasted for a few seconds and then got eaten by a big ooze.

The next attempt, we made it smoothly all the way through, without losing a soul- or either tank. While, this is our third 'guild kill' of this boss, the previous two times we had two heavy-hitting, experienced mages, who I feel contributed a huge amount to our success there.

We went off to one-shot Festergut, and walked up to say hello to the professor.

I was the only person in the group to have seen him die (on my warlock) and was one of about three or four who had been there previously when we had attempted him. In our one try we got him to 67%.

And, I don't believe a single piece of loot was slotted for DE. Some may have gone to off-off specs, but everything was taken for use- a rare enough event.

Now, for our fun fact of the day.

On Rotface, if you have the Mutated Infection on you and you remove it (or die) so that the little ooze spawns, if you kite it over to where the big ooze is, if the the big ooze has already begun its explosion cast, it will consume the little ooze (as the big ooze does) but will destroy itself, thus saving you the trouble of a single little ooze.

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