Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last bit of DKs in Cataclysm

So this is the third post on DKs in Cataclysm. I'm likely to revisit these fellas as we get closer to launch, and probably afterwards.

It felt to me that Unholy was well suited to PvP, and so I put together a PvP build. Now, I'm not a PvPer but anyways- PvP Unholy: Here it is!

In Blood we have Exsanguinate, which gives a little bit of healing when you kill something. Healing is nice- these points could probably be shifted to Unholy if it will increase mastery/be more effective damage wise.

In frost we go in deep enough to grab three really nice PvP abilties. Lichborne- their trinket on a talent, Endless Winter- makes their primary interrupt free and Pillar of Frost, because of the lovely immunity to external movement affects.

If you don't like those options, you can go with this spec. It focuses a bit more on blood, not grabbing Endless Winter or Pillar of Frost, but snagging Bone Shield (don't think it is very effective in PvP).

Anyways, then we get to our Unholy Talents. I chose to not take Epidemic because you will be reapply diseases as part of your rotation and while they are difficult to dispel (and once dispelled you can reapply them because you got your rune back vie Resilient Infection) this is PvP and they may be dispelled- no need to spend five points on something that will be dispelled.

Unholy Blight, while not as good as it used to be is still helpful, by making it harder for your diseases to be dispelled.

Improved Unholy Presence is really nice, because you will still be a better than average flag-capper and you can get away from someone you don't want to be near, plus, you can pop in Blood Presence, keep the movement speed bonus, but get a huge chunk of survivability.

I didn't put points into Wandering Plague, because PvP isn't the best place for AoE.

Of course, the spec does a lot for Death Coil, creating resource regeneration from Runic Empowerment in the  frost tree, Morbidity for increased damage, Unholy Blight for the disease sticking and extra damage. If you want to, you can put some points into Sudden Doom to give your auto attacks a chance to make them free.

Anyways, I plan on moving to another class- likely Paladins or Warlocks if they seem to be significantly changed.

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