Friday, July 2, 2010


We didn't kill him.

But, we did enter his instance.

This is essentially the first time TOC has been doing current content. In Classic they really only did Onyxia and MC for the most part. In the Burning Crusades, after some drama, it was Kara and H-MGT.

I Wrath, we did do Naxx while it was 'current' as it wast the only raid available. But we didn't do Maly and Sarth (technically available) and those were much more complicated fights (or at least harder).

Then Ulduar came out, and we did a little bit, but it was too much, there was a very, very  small amount of drama and several of our hardercore raiders broke off to start their own raiding guild. We went back from Uld 25 to Naxx 10 and did that for several months until ToC was released. Then we started doing Uld 10. Finally, when ICC was released we did ToC. Then, because of the dungeon finder, properly motivated people managed to get geared for ICC and we started that. Sure we're 7/12 reg 10, but we went ahead and got 3/4 reg 10 Halion.

As a tank, I really didn't like the fights. The first fight was a tank'n'spank- I just had to make sure I didn't get combusted or faced the dragon towards the raid. Really boring. Except when I got combusted and then I was incapacitated for a few seconds while she landed.

The next boss was just a bother, we didn't really know the best tactics (as this has yet to be thoroughly done. No one has killed him more than once on live realms in 10 man). There was wiping involved because of bad luck and learning the fight.

The third mini-boss bothered me because it was another tank'n'spank, with a little bit of add control. But the adds are two caster adds who spawn miles away from eachother making it difficult for me (pally) and my co-tank (bear) to grab the adds. Bothersome and boring.

Halion, however, is a really fun fight. For p1, I don't do much, just keep the dragon from roflstomping the raid, and if the other tank tanks him in shadow, then I just dps, but there are multiple mechanics that just aren't a drain on my focus. I don't have to worry about silly gimmicks, I don't have to worry about weird adds. I don't have to worry about almost getting one-shot. I don't have to worry about being incapacitated while the boss does as it pleases.

Halion was fun, and after TOC gears up significantly more, I'll be going back with the guild to get the achievement. But that is it.

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