Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm doing it again.

Today I finished my third or fourth instance ever where I was the designated healer.

The first few were on my 19-22 shaman. Yeah, those don't count.

No, today, I really healed an instance. I healed The Nexus on Alenena. My dear Al- never before holy, never before a healer. I've been ret and prot my entire life.

So sure, I didn't heal anything spectacular like ICC or even a heroic- just a dinky regular 5 man, 10 levels below me. But I did indeed do it.

Of course, the tank was a 80 Boomkin running a friend through, but I still learned a little bit about healing.

Seeing what I learned from that one instance, I might have get some addons to help me on my way. I know some people are good enough that they don't need  addons, but they'll be helpful. I'll probably just run my regular set up minus a bunch plus decursive. I might consider clique, but that seems like it would make it way to easy.

Now I just have to enchant the good gear I have, get better gear, and gem and enchant that. Course, gemming is easy. Brilliant whatever. Then more Brilliant.

Right then.

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