Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On the topic of Awesome

Lets talk about The Oasis Contingent. Because we are on the topic of awesome. At nine eastern, I believe Vitos, my warlock was the farthest progressed toon in the guild at 10/12 N10. At nine eastern, TOC was at 7/12 N10. We reliably one-shot (one-shoot) Marrowgar, Deathwhisper and Gunship. We generally don't have any issues with Festergut, and now that I really know the fight, few issues with Rotface. Sometimes we have some bad luck on Deathbringer, so he isn't a guarantee, but its getting close.

Today, the raiders voted that they would prefer trying to bash our heads against bosses in ICC rather than RS. On Professor Putricide, we had never gotten past 50%. Tonight, we got past that mark three times, going to phase 3 twice and killing him in the face once. It was an amazing moment, downing a new boss- one that we had never really seen much of before and thought of as very difficult.

We had decided to alot one hour to each of the three progression bosses, Putricide, Blood Queen and Valithria. After clearing the trash up to Bacon Quiche Linguine, we had to explain the fight to the few people who had never seen it before (as we did with PP).

We one shot that boss like TOC has never one-shot (one-shotted) that boss before. For many of us, that was the SECOND new wing of the night completed.  Plus, the second new boss. You can imagine our elation.

We carried on, as brave soldiers and roflstomped Sister Svalna. As a rather strange sidenote, roflstomp is a strange word. If you have ever been rolling on the floor laughing, or even just rolling on the floor, it is difficult to stomp with any degree of force or accuracy. Nonetheless, we forcefully and accurately killed that mini boss.

On Valithria our previous attempts had gotten her up to at best 62%. Now, thats 12% over 50% meaning about 24% of the way. Of course, the fight gets harder as it goes on, so realistically, closer to about 10-15%.

Our first attempt tonight got her up to 97%. That means we got her 94% of the way from 50%. Several more attempts ranged between 63% and 92%. Our final attempt, right before raid time, ended at 100% with the dragon killing all the silly undead.

Yeah, we killed three Progression/New bosses. A most excellent evening.

Then I tried to solo the Sindragosa gauntlet event. Technically I didn't intend to, but my off tank (who I had cleansed out of his abom in PP, while I thought my DI was off CD, but wasn't) triggered the fight in revenge. I had used my bubble to get down the elevator quickly, so Forbearance was up (a huge hamper while trying to solo as a paladin.

I managed to last a minute or two. I think though, if I had switched to Judgement of Light and Seal of Light I could have lasted much longer. The heals would have done wonders to keep me up and Forebearance may have fallen off and therefore I might have been able to bubblehearth away.

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