Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Raid Pacing

I bring this up because there was slow pacing.

I was in a sister guild's ICC 25. I've been in their 10s and 25s before.

In the 10 man, we cleared the first 10 bosses in about four hours total- and Putricide, Council, BQL and Val were first kills for about 1/2 of our players there.

In the 25's the first one we cleared the first six bosses in one go- at least 10 of us in our first 25.

In the second 25, we did ToC and (first two bosses for the weekly) and then we moved over to ICC. We only had 20 people when we started ToC and we scrounged some up while moving towards Marrowgar. In the three hours, we got down the four bosses and the free badge.

Tonight it took us two hours to get the first four- from the start. We didn't move at all for long periods of time. We would wait for everyone to be fully buffed, flasked and present. On trash.

When we got to Valithria we spent an immense amount of time on the explanation. Only one person was new to the fight. Everyone else had at least done it on 10, so they knew the basics. We spent 10-15 minutes on the explanation. It was very, very irritating.

This is just me venting a bit, but if you run a raid, keep on moving.

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