Sunday, July 18, 2010

On the gearing process

I was going to talk about the druid talent trees, but decided to hold off on that. Its not really all that interesting to me, and, if it is interesting to you, you can probably find a better source of information than me. If you can't, I wonder why your internet connection will only allow you access to this one site.

Anyways, I've been gearing up my Death Knight. I want him to be able to tank in ICC, because, well, Alenena is bored of the place and doesn't need anything off the first three bosses (including frost) so it is kind of pointless to bring her if someone else who could use the gear could come along.

Now, Malkhelm is about where Alenena was when she went into ICC. She did, admittedly have all 232 or better whereas he doesn't, but my healers are far more impressive these days than when Alenena started, so it should be ok.

Anyways, I've been doubting myself because my gear isn't as good as Al's. I mean, Al can pull a lot more than Malk can. I would not be surprised if she could handle three waves in H-HoR at once while Malk has trouble with just one.

Anyways, can't wait til Cataclysm and I can have a bajillion HP.

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