Monday, July 5, 2010

More Cataclysmic Death Knights

So, lets get to this quick- here's a DW frost build using the current calculator. These are for PvE purposes, so my talents are chosen accordingly.

The only new abilities frost has are Brittle Bones, Pillar of Frost and Might of the Frozen Wastes. Improved Frost Presence is different, but not new.

Explanations after the break:

Bones is a straight dps increase- no reason to not take it.

Pillar of Frost is an exceptional ability in PvP- Death Grip, Blastwave, Thundershock, Typhoon- they won't work. Plus, it gives a 20% increase in strength for 20 seconds, which is actually a fairly good as a CD, especialy considering the high up-time, 33%.

Might of the Frozen Wastes is not an option here because we're looking at a DW build, not a 2H.

Improved Frost Presence is just more Runic Power to be getting.

I went into blood with the purpose of getting Bladed Armor and Blood-Caked Blades, the first because of the large amounts of armor DK's have and BCB because of the large number of Melee attacks DW DKs make. Besides, a little Butchery never hurt anyone.

I was slightly considering Bone Shield- however, even if it isn't affected by AoE/dot pulses/ticks, its only 2%, compared to the average 6.66% that PoF provides.

The second spec has the same choices as the first with regards to frost, but I went unholy instead of blood as my second tree. I haven't done the math, but Necrosis is a straight extra 20% auto-attack damage. BCB is 25-50% damage with a chance of occuring at 30%, so it does between 7-15% auto-attack damage, its the other talents that are taken that may make the difference- Ravenous Dead (3% strength) against Bladed Armor (5 pts AP per 180 armor).

For the Two Handed spec I went with:

Here you definitely want to go Blood for the Two-Handed Specialization, plus Necrosis is a useless talent to go for, so stay with Virulence for the Hit, but blood otherwise.

I did put points into Unholy, because there are five spare points, and nothing in frost increases your damage and same with blood. The first few in Unholy also don't increase your damage, they just free up your rotation by taking out the time constraints via disease.

Anyways, lots of words.

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