Thursday, July 22, 2010


Right now I have three toons geared for ICC.

Vitos (Warlock) is geared to DPS ICC 10 and 25.

Malkhelm (Death Knight) is geared to tank ICC 10.

Alenena (Paladin) is geared to tank and dps ICC 10 and 25 and heal ICC 10.

Malkhelm should gear up fairly quickly and should be able to Tank and DPS both 10 and 25 within a few months. Alenena should be able to heal 25 in a few months as well.

Now, when we bring someone along to raid, I expect them to pull their weight. I don't expect them to have put in nearly as much time as I have gearing, learning my class, raiding etc.... I don't expect them to have gear as good as mine.

But I do expect them to try.

Seriously. I want you to put in some effort. There was a player in tonights raid who had been to ICC with us before. The last time he was there he had gotten some loot. He was a DPS and pulled under 2k with the 25% buff. He returned to ICC with us and had 1 gem and about 10 empty sockets. He did not have any enchants. On the Gunship Battle I admittedly did less. But thats because I was doing the achievement, so I had to jump over and jimmy my position so that the boss wouldn't hit me and we wouldn't wipe.

But he shot the cannon three or four times. And when he was frozen out he stood there. Doing nothing.

In any case this rant reminded me that I need to respec my pally, I think I can get a little bit more survivability out of her. (Meaning, I enjoyed (and still enjoyed) all the effort I put in, I just don't like it when I carry a dead weight).

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