Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Birth of a Meme

There are now several TOC created memes floating around the guild. See, in running ICC, we come across certain encounters that require us to speak up in vent- or wipe (we usually choose option A).

These things have come to be somewhat of a group of memes in our guild. They include, but are not necessarily limited too:
  1. I found a trap!
  2. Midnight Sun dropped
  3. Beast in melee
  4. Big Ooze in raid
  5. Kinetic Bomb
Lessee here. In the first hall of ICC and the two halls that lead to Festergut and Putricide are traps. We've come up with more efficient systems of trap finding since we started, but often, at the beginning a warlock or a priest would find the trap.

Midnight Sun. Yeah, that thing drops about half the time we do the Gunship Battle. All of our healers have it and several of our not-healers have it.

The blood beasts on Saurfang can be a very big problem if not handled correctly. Whenever someone in melee accidentaly grabs one three or four people call it out in vent. Now, whenever many of us see the model, we call out "Beast in Melee" because we like too.

When we started doing Rotface neither I nor the other tank really could control the Big Oozes, so it was fairly common to see it waddle into the middle of the raid and kill everyone. This combined nicely with the "Beast in Melee" meme.

Finally we come to kinetic bombs. They appear on the Blood Prince Council. Anyways, similar to above, several people call it out. Its just this weird thing that affects all of us.

I don't even understand. What is this post about? How should I know, I only wrote it. Ok, I've gone mad.

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