Thursday, July 15, 2010

Raiding elsewhere!

So just as I logged in to check my mail.

And I got a whisper "wanna go to ICC 25?"

Normally I thoroughly vet whoever it is, look at their progress and stuff like that, but I knew this person and their guild. So I went along. It was my first time past the first trash pull in ICC 25 so it was an interesting experience.

In anycase, we got down lowerspire (1 shot), did the weekly (Rotface/Festergut) 1 shot rotface and 2 (technically 3) shot festergut.

In anyanycase, I got tanking pants (264s) so I had to replace my chest with t10 to keep my 4p bonus.

So I ended up with five sockets and two items needing enchants.

Thats expensive. I stuck 5x Solid Majestic (150 stam) and a Frostwyrm legpatch (55 stam) and the 275 hp enchant for about 2300 hp.

And then today, finally, finally, finally, my shield dropped. Neverending Winter (with a 20% drop chance) has not dropped once in my 16 Gunship Battle victories. Well, ok, it dropped once, and I won it. But other than that...

Good loots! Happy times!

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