Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mimiron is the best prize

We continued with Ulduar progression today (if this seems a little out of place timewise, you must have time traveled. Congratulations.)

Anyways, we killed Mimiron. I have to say that Blizzard did a FANTASTIC job with the entire thing. The trash, the frogger, the boss, the phases, the mechanics, the characterization. Absolutely, utterly amazing.

I mean, when you start off kill the trash you get arachno-bots you can control. They are soooooooooo cool.

Then, you get on the awesome train from steampunk land of crazy cool and its awesome. Then you travel along the train tracks of trippy-cool and its awesome.

Once you get past that, before you can get into the encounter area for Mimiron himself, you have a bunch of bomb-bots running laps, and you have to run in-between em, frogger style.

Phase 1 I got to tank a mini Leviathan. SOOO COOL! Its a freaking Flame Leviathan. And I got to tank it!

Phase 2 I got to burn a turret. Seriously, its just a turret that spews fire and rockets and stuff.

Phase 3 I tank adds. Boring, but still cool. There was a flying head. It was cool.

Phase 4 I got to tank all of them combined. A mini leviathan with a machine gun, rocket launcher turret body and   a head with laser beams. IN ONE GIANT BOSS MACHINE. SO FREAKING COOL.

One of my guildies wants to kill Freya on a weekly basis for the Alchemy stuff.

I wanna kill Mimiron on a weekly basis cause the boss is the coolest boss I have ever seen.

So awesome.





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