Monday, February 1, 2010


Sometimes you have good pugs, sometimes you have awful pugs.

Some pugs are rote, some you actually do well....actually, scratch the second part.

Sometimes your tank can't and your healer is oom.

But there are stories that can be taken from these, stories and lessons.

In Utgarde Pinnacle, whenever we get to Gortok Palehoof, who has for trash mobs in front of him who are spawned in a random order (Furlborg, Worgen, Rhino, Jormungar (sp?)) I always shout out which one I expect to spawn first.

In Halls of Stone I pull to Krystallus without Divine Plea dropping off me. It lasts for 15 seconds. Then again it restarts every time I get hit and as a tank, well, I get hit a lot.

Then there are the less fun runs.

I'm in Heroic Halls of Reflection, easily the hardest five man in the game, possibly harder than Sarth, Naxx and the first few bosses in VoA. The priest (healer) asks that we don't use the LoS method where we hide in corners to pull the mobs. This is because he NEEDS to shackle one of them. Otherwise the tank will die. I was tanking and I have successfully tanked it before without any CC. I tell him this. He then argues that the LoS method will make him less able to heal because we'll be out of LoS of him. Note: we won't be. But he's the healer so I agree with him. Then the warrior goes AFK. In the middle of the fight. This being the first part of H-HoR, the mobs will keep on spawning. He's gone for three waves. At that point I ask if we should kick him. The healer says "He's my friend, if he goes, I go." Without the extra dps he would be offering, we would have a very hard time on the boss. In fact, we wiped.

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