Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Greedy Gronko's Grand Gold Gathering Guide: Mob Killin

The term "grinding" really comes from ye old days of classic WoW (which I was sadly not a part of) where to get 1% exp to go from level 1 to level 2 you needed to kill 100,000,000 boars (approx). Thats a lot of boars. To get all the way to level two you need ten billion dead boars or so.

Anyways, grinding has now become a term to mean "doing something that gets ridiculously boring and repetitive after doing it for at least two hours." This can be anything, but this post will refer to the classic sense of the world.

When you are grinding by killing mobs for gold, you aren't killing the mobs for the fun of it, you're killing them for their drops.

These days there are a few things that sell consistently well and drop from mobs.
  1. Runecloth: This sells because it helps 80's get their rep up with the Faction cities without them having to grind.
  2. Frostweave: This is the endgame cloth- of course everyone is going to want it.
  3. Relics of Ulduar: These give rep with the Sons of Hodir, which is practically required for most endgame raiding.
  4. Marks of Kiljaedan, Marks of Sargeras, Fel Armament: These give rep with the Aldor- end game BC. Not as good as Relics, but if you're stuck at 70 a good place to go.
  5. Firewing Signets, Sunfury Signets, Arcane Tombs: Same as above, but for the Scryers, the opposite faction.
  6. Fertile Spores, Sanquine Hibiscus, Glowcap, Bog Lord Tendril: These are Sporeggar rep items and will sell slightly better than the Aldor/Scryer rep items because Sporeggar have a pet, which makes their rep more desirable.
  7. Pets: A list of 'dropped' pets can be found here. Be sure to note that some of the pets come from either items you buy from The Oracles or from Winter's Veil, an annual event. So while those are not mobs, they still can generate significant amounts of gold.
Of course, weapons, armor etc... can be either sold to vendors, or if it is of uncommon or better quality, it can often be auctioned off for more than a vendor will pay for it.

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