Thursday, February 18, 2010


PvP is fun!

I've discovered that winning in WSG is actually loads of fun.

I've been leveling a hunter with a shammy friend and we're both lv 13 right now. We have been entering WSG as often as we can and today we each got 250+ HKs, with about 20-30 KBs on my part.

It was really fun caping the flag at level 11 and it was just hilarious when I was in a posse of four hunters, we shot down anything before it got close to us.

A while back, with one of my DKs I capped 5 times in 2 games.

In another game, in the 50-59 bracket (notoriously heavy with DKs) we had a 70% DK group. So, when our flag was snagged by the other team, by preorganization we chain Death Gripped the poor sod back to our tunnel, all the way from his tunnel, killed him and returned the flag.

On my 80s I don't appreciate PvP as much because many players have significantly better gear than I do. However, with the new PvP changes coming up I may be able to finally finish my lv 60 PvP plate set of awesome, and then start working on getting a couple decent lv 80 PvP sets.

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