Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good groups

I'm going to continue on my series of PuG pseudo guides. I'm gonna tell some stories, give some tips.

  1. Apologize, but not too much: I've had people apologize for accidently pulling mobs. Thats ok. If they die, and I manage to pick it up and keep everyone else alive- well- they're the one with the repair bill- so I consider it even.
  2. Know who to blame: If the healer dies, its the tank's fault. If the tank dies, its the healer's fault. If the DPS dies, it is their own damn fault.
  3. Explain yourself: If you don't want to skip a boss, let them know why. If you do want to skip a boss, let them know why. Same with achievements, or full clears.
  4. Make (reasonable) suggestions: In today's H-Gundrak (try 24 this week for Less-rabi) the healer shaman asked if I thought I could sustain myself through the boss fight if they went enhancement to DPS the boss. I was pretty sure I could and gave the go-ahead. If I had gotten the achievement, I would say that was why.
  5. Know class trademarks: Knowing certain skills like Heroism, Misdirection, Death Grip, Army of the Dead, Divine Intervention, Tricks of the Trade and others can be very helpful when leading/tanking/healing a pug.
Look! An even five. Score!

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