Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I've not really covered raiding yet, and I think that it is important that I do, so I will. Makes a strange sort of sense don't it?

Anyways, The Oasis Contingent (TOC from here on in, is a wonderful, excellent, amusing, social guild. It is not really a raiding guild in any way, shape or form. Back in June of last year, shortly after 3.1 and Ulduar came out, we were in fact begin to progress into Ulduar, and repeatedly going through Naxx. We had even begun to take down Sartharion with some drakes still up. However, at that time our raid leader, and one of the guild officers, announced that she was leaving to set up her own raiding guild. It is now one of the better raiding guilds on our server and they are well into ICC. They are the fourth best 10 man, and third best 25 man alliance guild on our server.

TOC is 21st for 10 mans and 14th for 25, again Alliance side only. We're about 4-7 bosses into Ulduar, have downed Ony, and recently have begun to hit up the mobs in the Trial (which is ToC: note the capitalization differences).

Seperate from the guild I have run some pugs in ToC and ICC, but have never actually downed anything in either of those two instances. In Ulduar I've only gotten four bosses down and looted- FL, Razorscale, XT and Kologarn.

What I really enjoy about raiding tho, is our occasional retro raid. While they are generally walks in the park and we just bullrush the mechanics, its a load of fun. I've gotten the Classic Raider and Classic Dungeon Master achievement, and I only have Tempest Keep, Mount Hyjal, and Sunwell Plateau for the Outlands Raider.

The fun thing about older raids is that in many cases you can have much more epic battles. In Hyjal, in particular, it was scaled for 25 people, and you have waves of about 20 undead coming at a time. Twenty mobs is a huge amount of trash, but it is not as ridiculous when you have 25 people. However, if you only have 6, like we did, it becomes more of a last stand "I can't find my body amongst all these zombie corpses." kinda deal, which is really cool.

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