Thursday, February 11, 2010

I can make you TWO spaceships!

You want a spaceship? You want a spaceship? You want TWO spaceships? I can make you TWO spaceships!

I don't exactly know what that is about- but somehow, I will make it relevant.

Yeah- I gotcha! I'll talk about spacegoats!

Everyone loves the spacegoats.

They have a very lovely buff. Its called a +1% chance to hit.
It may not seem very helpful, but it can save you about 60+ hit rating at 80 for a melee.

That could be a whole nother 60 points of crit, or arp, or shtuff like that.

It means more dps. This makes us happy.

Anyways, the starting area is pretty cool, and killing belfs has never made anyone upset at all. They have some pretty classes, but sadly cannot be warlocks. A Draenei warlock would be absolutely terrifying. So would a tauren lock. Anways... about the two spaceships.

The origins of the Draenei come from the Eredar. They were led by three of their number, all well known folks in WoW lore. There was Kil'Jaeden, who became the final boss in Sunwell Plateua, Archimonde, the final boss in The Battle for Mount Hyjal, and Velen- prophet and leader of the Draenei people. So those three dudes were contacted by Sargeras- supreme evil guy of the multiverse, commander of the Burning Legion (of demons). Sargeras corrupted Kil'Jaeden and Archimonde and they became demons as well as all of their followers. Velen, being a prophet, foresaw this and ran the hell away with some exiles- the or 'Draenei'.

They fled from world to world, eventually landing on Outland, a place they called 'Exiles Refuge' or Draenor. They made friends with the orcs and hooked up one of their two spaceships in Netherstorm. The other carried on and crashed into Azeroth.

The blood elves eventually took over the one in Netherstorm, and it is called Tempest Keep (only a setback). The survivors of the crash made friends with the Alliance and their broken boat became their capital.

It is an interesting thing to note that if the Draenei had had warlocks, they could have easily cast 'enslave demon' on Kil'Jaeden, Archimonde or possibly Sargeras himself. Yeah. They could have enslaved a raid boss. Thats why warlocks are awesome. And thats why you always have two spaceships. One to be a infinite killing grounds for belfs and one to find you some warlocks.

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