Sunday, February 28, 2010


Tanking in ICC. Real nice view there.
A slightly more expansive view.
Guild first down of Anub'arak. More like A NOOB'arak. Also Guild first complete ToC run- thats a given, given that it was the first Anub kill.

I know you all were probably expecting a Greedy Gronko piece, but this happened (as well as an Ony kill) and I have some more work I need to do so....

To top it all off I got a very nice 1h axe off Anub because I was the only who wanted it. And I wanted it because it was pretty. In Ony I got both the 22 slot bag and the Paladin Tanking helm, which is actually an upgrade over both my t9 piece and my offset HoR piece.

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