Saturday, February 27, 2010

Greedy Gronko's Grand Gold Gathering Guide: Professions- Alchemy

I don't have a high level Alchemist, but there are a few fairly simple ways to get yourself covered in gold if you rolled a Alchemist.

One of the most profitable methods is flask making. The flasks are practically required to raid and any raiding guild demands that everyone has flasks up all the time. They last for an hour and so a guild that raids a 'mere' three nights a week for a 'mere' four hours each night will require 12 flasks per raider.

That mats aren't too difficult to find floating around Northrend and you can make a tidy profit off those. If you specialize in flasks you also have a 10-25% chance of creating an additional 1-4 flasks each time you make one.

There is the option to make health and mana potions, but those don't generally sell as well, considering that they drop off mobs and are much more situational.

The other way to turn your skills into gold is transmutation. There is a one day transmutation and I'm not sure if it carries over for all types, but there are transmutations for bars, eternals, and gems. You can also specialize in this and get the same chance to create more. Epic gems still cost a few hundred gold uncut and you can create them from just a few rare gems that will probably run you under fifty gold.

If you get the full proc you can generate up to five epic gems for under 50g. That will result in about a profit of 700g for a couple minutes work.

Yeah- those sites that say you can make over 600g per hour- they ain't got nothin on me.

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