Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Almost there! Almost there!

So, If you've been looking at my recent achievements, you can see I've gotten several more for Glory of the Hero. And, if you looked at the title, you can probably guess I'm almost there.

A few notes:

Most of the Heroic bosses that did things every 25% have now been modified to use there ability only once, at 50%. This includes Anomalus, Jedoga, Elder Nadox and Svala Sorrowgrave.

This 'nerf' makes the achievements associated with the first three easier, but now you only have one chance to sword-kill the hulk. The change was made because groups that averaged 2k+ dps were going through them to quickly so they spent a good portion of the fight immune to damage and/or out of range of the melee.

Additionally, the 5 emerald tactic I described in More of Before does not work. Eregos will only take 1 stack of the debuff so he will do 75% damage. Now, it is in fact possible to survive on 5 Emeralds because of their ridiculous healing abilities, but it does not work well.

All I need to do to get the Meta, and my Red Proto-Drake is Less-Rabi. I tried it a few days ago and on our second attempt (first failed) a DOT killed him. Today I accidently used my interupt early and so we failed. It was a pug so no-one wanted to volunteer to suicide for more tries.

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