Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RPing for the first time

Yesterday I logged onto my DK on Silver Hand. She is a 59 Unholy Forsaken. Silver Hand is a RP server, and I have never really interacted strongly on the few that I have tried out. Anyways, I definitely had some fun playing 'in character' however, any character concept and history has yet to really happen. I had some very amusing discussions which you can see below. So:

[Trade] Dukazh: wts Crusader Orb for 350. pst me
[Trade] Dukazh: 2 of them!
W to Dukazh: I could sell your children for that much... shall I?
D: ok? I have children at the age of 17?
L: Or would you rather give me an orb and have your children returned- alive and whole.
D: <---- 17. Not worried about children yet
L: Well... Your future childrens' safety is at stake.
D: Thank you doc.
D: from back to the future if you didnt catch that :P
L: Do you really value 350 gold over their potential well being?
D: sure
L: Well, there goes my business plan. When you have children and they go missing, forward a Crusader Orb to me and you'll get them back.
D: hahaha......iiii dont knooooow.
To: Nindera

I would like to purchase both of the Assassination Blades you have on the auction house. However, having just freed myself from The Lich King's thrall for a second time, I am desperately lacking funds. If you could hold onto the weapons until I manage to gather 200g, I would be greatly pleased.

Your Undying (and consequently eternal) customer,
This last image doesn't need a transcript, it just shows that people on RP realms are (imho) generally more mature, use proper spelling and can take a joke.

Anyways, I had a glorious time and later in the evening got five WSG caps in two consecutive flawless victories.

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